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Why join a society?

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With end of second week in NUST H-12, ragging effects have started getting fade; sophomores, juniors and seniors getting used to the same old performances of the “new-ones” and freshmen learning new ways to...

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Contrast Within


“If you are good in programming you can do whatever you want”. Everybody present in Million Dollar discussion agreed. I couldn’t swallow this reason being I’m not good in programming...

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Its Time to Pay Back


By: Faiza Azeem Usmani- IESE We always compliant about illiteracy, injustice, unawareness, and unemployment in our country. But we don’t think what we are doing for Pakistan. It is so...

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Forensic Department Beats FBI!!!


32nd MBBS is shocked by their 2nd Professional result…..158 appeared this year and only 104 managed to clear….54 students would be sitting for supplementary this year…. Forensic department definitely beats FBI in torturing people...