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Previously a pro-active student at campus, I am now thriving as a marketing executive. Other than doing some nerdy stuff at job I also write articles and dispense professional advice. You can drop me a line at my personal e-mail any time: muneeb_ngf [at] yahoo [dot] com


MCS Library

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To me, and all those who wish to study and also to those who don’t want to study, library is place where one finds peace. Geeks and nerds and Yo...


Two Nation Theory


A Technical Cadet is not the same as a NUST Cadet (or Gentleman Cadet and NUST Student respectively, as new terminology states). The following differences were observed:   Appearance: One...


A ‘Pleasant’ Welcome


We return to hostel amidst a feeling of a security threat looming in the atmosphere. All the security personnels were alert and the students were asked for their identities, at least thrice, on their...