About Blog

Launched on March 27, 2010 as an online magazine of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), iRnustian.com is a student run blog cum news portal of the leading Pakistani academia.

Initiated at the central H-12 campus, it soon gathered the student attention of both central campus and military colleges as a domain of student interaction, exchange of ideas and portrayal of perspectives. Site today brings regular updates covering events, achievements, ideas, opinions, and news from both the university and the alumni.

Through an active team with spirit of sharing to their best, iRnustian.com has emerged as a must-see site of both the university and its admirers. Besides a dedicated team of student reporters, site also accepts news from current students, alumni, and faculty and staff members of both the central and military campuses.

About NUST

National University of Sciences and Technology, (NUST), is a public university that was founded by the Government of Pakistan in 1981. NUST is a multi-school university with its headquarters located in Islamabad. Campuses of University are situated in Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi & Risalpur. The student body consists of 12,000+ students, including 100+ international students and around 900 postgraduate students. In addition to this, NUST has developed collaborations with international universities to ensure two-way flow of knowledge.

The institute offers opportunities for students to participate in technical and professional societies. Student run organizations, societies, and clubs are present in almost all the NUST campuses. These include Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club, NUST Science Society, NUST Adventure Club, Literary Circle, Media Club, and students blog iRnustian.com