7:18 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Ex-husband sues Muniba Mazari and everyone is suddenly against her. But is she really the one at fault?


Muniba Mazari, a wheelchair bound activist, has been the talk of the town ever since her ex-husband sued her for PKR 10 million for defaming him and causing him mental agony. Mazari met a life-changing car accident in 2007 which left her crippled and incapacitated. However, she didn’t let her disabilities limit her, and started her career as an artist and a model.

A recent clip where Mazari is seen talking about her accident on a global forum went viral, following which her ex-husband, Khurram Shahzad lodged a case against her for distorting facts and injuring his repute. This was backed by another clip of a former PTV talk show where Mazari is seen praising her husband for his constant support and kindness.

When it comes to South Asian women, it’s no secret that they lie a lot in public and seldom reveal what goes on inside their homes. Muniba Mazari, who divorced her husband in 2015, in her PTV interview clip also mentions that her husband never had a problem with her career choices as a model and a motivational speaker. However, Shahzad himself mentions in an exclusive interview that ‘modeling was against his family values and that he didn’t like what Muniba was up to.’ The fact that Muniba lied on national TV about something her husband himself is willing to accept speaks volumes about how hard she tried to save her marriage.

In her talk she also mentioned that she sent a text message to her ex-husband bidding him ‘good luck’ on the day he was getting remarried, and that she still prays for his well-being. Perhaps, we’re judging an already tormented soul upon something she did not event say or do. The only thing she mentions about her husband in the talk is:

“My husband was driving the car. He fell asleep somehow. The car fell in the ditch. He managed to get out of the car but I sustained a lot of injuries.”

Unfortunately, the hatred against ‘feminism’ in our country has soared up to an extent that we’re now willing to support anything coming from a man, against a woman, without even pondering over what the truth is. More power to the Iron Lady!


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