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5 TV Shows that are definitely worth a watch


In the era of Modern Television, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content available. However, what matters the most is the quality and with that in mind here are our pick of the bunch.

  1. Stranger Things

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably would’ve heard about Netflix’s latest show

“Stranger Things”. This show is set in a small Indiana Town in 1980’s revolving around a kid “William Byers” who vanishes mysteriously. This show has a vibrant 80’s throwback. It has humor, mystery, horror, sci-fi, thriller, action, romance and everything you can expect from a Netflix hit. It remains interesting throughout and once you are into the plot, there is no going back.



4. Prison Break

 A tale of two brothers, Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows who are surrounded by unusual circumstances make a desperate attempt to escape from a Fox River State Penitentiary. As the story unfolds, it becomes clearer why they chose that path and the situations they have to face upon making that decision. It consists of 4 seasons of thrilling and nerve-racking action alongside an equally intense and interesting plot. The story gets interesting as the plot thickens and the circumstances of an American Prison are depicted perfectly.





   3.   That ‘70’s show

Tired of watching Friends again and again? Need a show that has good comedy and a large number of episodes? If yes, then this is definitely the show to watch. Based on an eccentric group of Friends in 1970’s, this show has plenty of humor.  Starring big names like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, this teen-comedy sitcom is certainly captivating. Each episode is 20-22 minutes long and the plot never gets boring and tedious.




  1. Suits

If I had the choice of erasing one show from my memory and watching it again like it’s the first time, this would be the one. It’s a story of two lawyers, Harvey Specter, a big time Manhattan corporate lawyer and Mike Ross, a college dropout who isn’t actually a lawyer but has the book smarts of a Harvard graduate. The show has an interesting plot, witty comedy and just plain amazing punchlines. The law terminologies maybe a little hard to grasp at first but you will get a better understanding once you have progressed a bit.





  1. Silicon Valley

As the name indicates, this show is based in the technological hub of the modern world. Richard Hendricks, an introverted programmer comes up with a brilliant idea for compression software. The show follows Richard and his programmer friends as they try to make a name for themselves in the tech world. From being caught up in a bidding war between Billionaires to getting bankrupt, this show’s comedy and adventures are unparalleled and to top it all off, it stars “Kumail Nanjani” a Pakistan based American actor and has a lot of Pakistan related incidents and puns (in a positive manner obviously).


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