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The Man Hater Finally Gets Some Support


Miss Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy is a Well-known Journalist, filmmaker and Activist. Known for her outright attitude in speaking for justice and equality for women, she has been the face of Feminism in the country. Having brought 2 Oscars to the country; for bringing out in the lime light the injustices faced by women in some of Pakistan’s Rural areas in her films, Sharmeen has earned some enormous fame and popularity not only in Pakistan but also around the globe. However her recent attacks over the Doctor who sent her sister a Friend request has put her Stance over Feminism into question. Here is brief summary of what happened:
Sharmeen’s Sister went for a Check up at karachis AKUH.
Later maybe after a day or two she received a friend request from the Doctor who examined her.
This was taken to twitter by her Sister who has a Tendency to Hate Men.

And this is what she did.

Following this The Hospital Fired the Doctor.

This doctor has a family of four kids and a wife, but then again they do not belong to the ‘RIGHT’ family and hence, who cares?
The majority of Pakistan’s population, which includes almost all the celebrities from our media industry, has backlashed Sharmeen over destroying the Doctor’s career. Events like ‘Send Friend Request to Sharmeen’ have taken up by a storm on social media. And there is no doubt that the public is simply outrageous over this, so much so to call her a Man Hater for one.

An Event Created on Facebook.


However a recent development came yesterday when a Pakistani Actress namely Ushna Shah took it up on her Facebook Page to support Shermeen.  Her Post Tweeted by Omar R Qureshi,an  Editor at Samaa. Here’s what Ushna had to say:





Dear Ushna, you don’t even know why he sent her the request, stop blabbing about professionalism. Secondly, if women like you have such insecurities, try choosing a female doctor, our country is rich with those. And just an advice, next time please don’t put your trust into strangers.


Ushna and Omar once again met the outrageous criticism because it looks like nobody seems to be satisfied with the notion of sending a friend request as being Harassment.
What Everybody else had in mind.       Another Lingering Supporter

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