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We have all met the “Advisor”. This is the man who has something to say about anything and everything. No matter what the situation or circumstances, the Advisor, by his very construction, is physically incapable of being able to resist commenting on all and sundry.

Anyone who has ever bought grocery weighing more than a kg has heard the inevitable “Shopper double kara lain” (Please use two plastic bags). That helpful bystander, is the Advisor. You can spot one reminding forgetful bikers on the move, to raise their kickstands. The Advisor is also quite ruthlessly efficient at spotting a rogue “dopatta” trying to escape the confines of the vehicle carrying the lady wearing it, culminating in him giving the traditional call “Aunty dopatta andar kar lain” (Aunty please pull in your dopatta).

The Advisor does not operate in physical situations only. On social media such as Facebook, we all have at least one Advisor in our friends list, who will have a mundane opinion on pretty much any content contributed by anyone. Whether political, religious, or literary, the post WILL always have some sort of insight shared in response to it, thanks to the ever vigilant Advisor.

Although other countries are not completely devoid of his annoying existence, it appears that our land is a natural habitat for the Advisor, providing him with a fertile breeding ground to thrive in peace. This has certainly got as much to do with the prevalent Eastern culture which causes acts of common courtesy to be never seen as invasions of privacy, as the fact that we as a people are generally more interested in the affairs of others, than our own. Especially when it comes to displaced dopattas.

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