What University Freshmen Must Know

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Graduation Day

1) That this is a prologue to one’s practical life.

Up until high school, things were dealt differently. For the first eighteen years of a person’s life, it’s all about getting decent grades (and being popular, for a few of us), so that one would be able to attend a college of their own choice. Now, it’s about focusing on the holistic picture. Think of it like this: from now on, whatever you do will determine your worth in job market. Transcript of person doesn’t determine his or her value (It has become quite a cliché to say that but more and more companies are starting to realize that there is little to no relation between a person’s GPA and their ability to deal with real-world issues). Bottom line is that someone, who is a jack of all trades is worth more than the one who only excels at one thing—at least this is what your potential employer thinks.

2) That having a plan B isn’t enough

It wouldn’t be breaking news when one says that job market is fickle, even more for those who don’t have much under their belts, as far as requisite skills are concerned.
So what should one do to deal with a situation that may only get worse?
Start concentrating on your net worth instead of your paycheck. For university students, it would be a perfect opportunity to develop new skills and polish the one they already possess. For example, if are unsure that you are going to land a job as soon as you graduate, you can start looking at other options that will help you pay your bills. This will do two things: A) you will have an alternate skill that will keep you going even if you don’t have the job you want. B) Let’s suppose that you do have a steady job that has a good salary and even better incentives. You would still want be making more money in order to pay your college debts, or support your parents etc. This is where the skills that you acquired in college will come in handy. Moreover, it will also strengthen your resume. Who wouldn’t want to hire a person who is adept at things outside their idiopathic glebe of dexterity.
Web designing, freelance writing, content managing, and online marketing etc. are things that require minimum prior experience and can be done while you are sitting on your couch.

3) That taking a semester or two off is totally okay

A number of colleges offer a double-degree program and only require the students to spend a semester at their concerning school to get a degree from their college. That’s great, isn’t it? It means that if I one is a business student, he or she can get a degree in marketing, or finance, or human resource etc. from another university. Student only has to spend a semester in that particular institute, in order to bolster their resume.

Okay, maybe you’re not interested in this. What else? Would a semester off waste your time and money? No. And the reason is simple: even if a person who doesn’t want to take a break from studies and end up doing the same somewhere else would surely appreciate and value that changed environment can give them. Soft skills, which are extremely important (I can’t stress upon that enough), networking, and experiencing a different culture along with learning a new language (if you’ve gone abroad)—these are essentials in a standout employee… so theoretically, it’s a win in every possible situation and for every possible student.
The problem comes when such idea is defied by our conventions and stereotypes. However, independence, passion, and a thirst to discover one’s self-are only found, at the same time, during these days. How would one find out what they’re missing out on if he or she is not willing to venture beyond their self-defined frontiers?

Humayun Hassan

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