The Unusual Deaths of Jamisons Family

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Preternatural demise is the beauty of a typical life but what happened to Jamisons is something beyond peculiar.

The Jamison family (consisted of Bobby, Sherilyn and their daughter, Madison) strangely disappeared from red oak, Oklahoma, where they were planning to buy a 40-acre plot. Search parties were launched after discovering their pickup truck with their belonging like coats, cash, phones including their malnourished dog in it. However the case only became strangely mysterious when only 3-miles away their skeletons were found aligned and face-down in dirt, 4 year later. First concept was hypothermia is the reason , or they had faked their own deaths.

However proceedings of investigation opened new doors, some about bipolarity of Sherilyn, her believe on spirits that haunted her house, marital problems through spiteful letter and bobby’s bitter lawsuit with his father.

Yet all in all, no door lead to a specific path, some evidence pointed towards suicide as Sherilyn was depressed and on treatment and had a pistol (but the pistol was missing). But a hole in bobby’s skull was not in support. Murder was another theory, at one point Sherilyn’s mother diverted attention towards UNITED WHITE KNIGHT group, according to her, her daughter was on their hit list. But police seems to think it was pointless, and on the other some drug deal may have gone wrong. Sherilyn and Bobby both looked emaciated before their disappearance; again if any deal went wrong, some questions remain unanswered. What $32,000 cash was doing in the truck and why didn’t the dealers take the evidence? There is a chance  that someone from their home town was involved due to personal issues or evidences were abused. However their disappearance for four long years still doesn’t go in line with the theory. The Jamison family’s case is open and unsolved to this date.

Rija Zafar

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