The Mystery of Elisa Lam

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On February-13th-2013, the Los Angeles Police Department released a 3-minute bizarre surveillance camera footage reel of a girl clad in a red skirt to give the public insight (and to seek help), on an unsolved missing person case. This video ended up causing an uproar on all social media platforms, gaining about 3-million views in a matter of hours. The footage showed the last sighting of Elisa Lam; a 21-year-old Canadian student who had come to LA on ‘(a) whirlwind adventure’, as she called it. Her disappearance was reported by her parents, who were originally from Hong Kong, after their daughter broke her pattern of daily contact. The video itself drew such curiosity for no obscure reason. The 3-minute videotape showed Lam in a sort of fluster where she hastily moves in and out of the elevator, surreptitiously hides in a corner and jabs at several elevator buttons whose doors would not close. At one point, she is seen flailing her arms about as if she were being accosted, but nobody appears into view. Not surprisingly, the story became a magnet for conspiracy theories and murder mysteries that the internet became bent on solving. Two-weeks later, her decaying body was discovered suspended in a rooftop water cistern of the Hotel Cecil where she had been staying. After autopsy reports of the body showed no external trauma or excessive drug intoxication, the police ruled the incident ‘accidental’ and a few weeks later, the case was closed. But the name The Hotel Cecil had caused another wildfire. The hotel has a notoriously ghastly past where it is rumored to have housed serial killers and ghosts. Journalists and psychologists later noted Elisa Lam had been struggling with a diagnosed psychiatric condition which may or may not be the solution to all the unresolved questions.

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Research by Fizzah Tauqeer (PNEC)

The mystery of elisa lam

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