Sully (2016): Review

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Sully is an American Movie by Clint Eastwood in which Tom Hanks plays the main character of Captain Sullenberger who manages to land an thumbnail_24608Airbus Jet on the surface of icy Hudson River after a collision with a flock of birds just after takeoff disabled the plane’s engines. It is made after a true incident in 2009. The pilot’s 4 decades of flying experience along with his ability to keep cool in crisis wound up saving the lives of all 155 passengers on board. As for Sully himself, he is shown to be a modest and reserved fellow with an upright military carriage and a neatly combed snow-white mustache
The film begins only minutes before the ill-fated flight 1549 takes off from La Guardia airport for Charlotte, North California. But the flight turns out to be Sully’s nightmare. In this dream version, the plane never makes it all the way to the river but plows into the corner of a Manhattan high-rise before exploding in a sickeningly familiar plume of skyward-rising smoke.
We’ll see the last 208 seconds of flight 1549 several more time revisited form different character


Passengers standing on the wings of Flight 1549 after landing in Hudson River

s’ point of view (the pilots’, the passengers’, the air traffic controllers’) and again near the movie’s end , in elaborate computer simulations created by the National Transportation Safety Board in an attempt to fathom what went wrong that day.
So after a series of dramatic turn of events Captain Sully turns out to be the hero of the nation and everybody is praising him for saving the lives of all the passengers on board but at the same time an investigative committee- a lineup of mistrustful bureaucrats question sully’s capabilities and claim that the plane could have successfully made it back to La Guardia Airport. Sully defends his case pretty well and even though in the first few simulations, the plane makes it back to La Guardia he asks the committee to include the human error in it and thus makes his point that the plane couldn’t have possibly landed back to La Guardia.


Captain Sully with his copilot after landing on hudson river(In the back)

Overall the movie is brilliant. Eastwood has cut the movie into temporal slices that eventually cohere into a multisided view of a single event. For example, watching from inside the cockpit as the Captain tersely advises his crew and passengers to “brace for impact” feels completely different, and way more frightening, after we’ve witnessed the effect of this unexpected PA announcement on the plane’s occupants. Sully is shown to be an exceptional pilot, a caring husband and a great leader. Throughout the movie he continues to win the hearts of his audience and we just realize that had it been any other pilot instead of Captain Sullenberger, the results would have been a lot different and a lot more tragic.

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