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OF Elite Universities and PhDs


It started in september 2015,after several months of enduring sleepless nights and immense

anxiety; I got admission in one of the Top ranked Pakistani universities. I moved to the Capital,

with big dreams and ambitions.


For me it was a dream come true. With goals to become a professional in the automotive industry,

it was like I had won a lottery, I got admission in Mechanical Engineering!


Unfortunately, it is never smooth sailing if you ever want to truly “Learn” in Pakistan.

Having always studied in an intuitive manner, i expected the same from the place i would call

home, for the next four years.


I soon realized that i was living in a fantasy world, the educational standards in even the best of

Pakistani Universities are unfortunately in an extremely pathetic state.

Worse so is the lack of awareness even among the (high achieving) students joining these elite

institutes. Most students are trained to obey a teacher blindly, with no question.



To narrarate an example, the instructor of our Applied Chemistry course was a “Phd” and a retired

Major from the Army.


Pretty Qualified, right?


Unfortunately, a Phd isn’t the same thing anymore, plaigarism has destroyed competancy.

This person did not for once in the entire semester recommend us any book or any resarch and

not a single mathematical calculation. Rather he told us to buy his “book” from the stationary



This book as we soon discovered was once again a work of plaigarism.Entire Pages copied from

wikipedia and other websites. The content was nowhere near the level required for an

engineer,Nor was he himself competant enough to teach us any concepts.


It was a case of rote study. hailing from an A level background;I was automatically bad at Rote

study, but more importantly, my mind rejected the idea. It was hard work competing against

70,000 candidates to get enrolled in this university.


In our exams, we were simply required to reproduce the notes like a photocopy. No Calculations,

no thinking, Ironic after paying sky­high fees and going through an extremely competitive entry


For me, GPA wasn’t the problem. The problem was that I was not getting the standard of

education i deserved. In simple words, i feel that even after passing that course, I still lack some

very important concepts.


How do you imagine a country to prosper when your engineers are incompetant?

After discussion with some of the actual qualified faculty members, it was concluded that we could

not do anything about this and this is how it ended.


My purpose for writing this article is to urge the reader to be rebellious, fight for your right. Any

compromise is unacceptable, especially in Education. What is taught today, will be implemented

in the future.


Improve it or ruin it, your choice.

A Disappointed Student

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