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You may have heard of Bake Sales in which the students embellish their desks from appetizing and luscious chocolate chip cookies, bursting cupcakes from sugar icing and sweet colors, long and curving noodles sauté with fried vegetables. If not then, maybe you have seen a multitude of students donating blood on Blood donation drives which are being carried out more often in EME campus. If not then maybe you were found at the APS ground one evening enjoying a Shuwarma and having a crazy fun ride with your buddies in the pirate ship! If not even this then you must have at least seen some teenage volunteers going from class to class collecting donations for relief campaigns. If you haven’t seen them then you must be skipping your classes more often. (You lazy monkey!)
All of the above mentioned projects and events are community service projects which are voluntarily organized by the NUST Volunteers Club (NVC). NVC always try to deliver its part whenever a crisis hits our nation. Its volunteers are forever ready to play their part and make the work done even with the minimal resources and much little time to respond.
Recently NVC was collecting funds for the ERC (Earthquake Relief Campaign) and the response of the contributors and benefactors was remarkable as always. A huge amount was collected and is still being collected from different sources (and if you are interested in donating than you may contact NVC, just look at the link given at the end of this post!) After the collection of this huge amount, relief goods were bought. The goods included quilts, bed sets, pillows and warm clothing items. A thorough analysis was done on the affected places form the recent earthquake, which happened on the afternoon of 26th October, the most badly affected sites when targeted for the distribution of the relief goods. Mingora, Swat was one of the sites in which the goods were to be distributed. So a team of 10 students from NCSC (NUST Community Service Club) and NVC accompanied by DD Admin, Major Zubair and NCSC Faculty sponsor, Dr. Safdar visited a camp in Swat on 22nd of Nov, 2015 to distribute relief goods to the victims.


One of the members of organizing team with NUST’s relief camp

At 6:30 am in the slight chilled weather of Islamabad the volunteer’s team started off this 6 hours long journey from the H-12 campus of NUST. As it was pretty early for a Sunday morning, the roads were all clear. The ride went smoothly with beginning of new friendships as volunteers from NVC and NCSC were getting introduced for the first time. The volunteers arrived soon at the camp which was already running by the Pak Army and the relief goods which were sent to the camp a night before were. So, all the work was made easy for the volunteers by the Pak Army. Men, women and children of all ages were present at the relief camp and were elated to see the volunteers.


Volunteers at work

Volunteers were also pretty much delighted to see the lively and hospitable people of Swat. Hands were shaken, soft words were exchanged and memories were saved. This all was done while working for a noble cause.
Praying that NVC & NCSC continues to work for such noble causes like this one and keep the students of NUST busy in volunteering along with fun.


As I said volunteering and ‘fun’!


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