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Mental Health Awareness Week


Mental Health Week is being celebrated worldwide, to increase the awareness against mental illnesses. Considering the huge threat mental disorders pose to our society, this could not have come at a better time.

Mental health, or the psychological health, is referred to as the health of the mind, or in other words it is the mental well-being of a person. Our mind is a fortress where thousands of thoughts come each single day. If the same fortress is not kept well in shape, then the very system on which foundation of our whole being is resting will crumble. Hence this is one of the major threats faced by our society now-a-days and needs to be viewed with increased concern and attention.

One of the biggest issues that still hinders this awareness campaign is the fact that most people do not consider mental health as important as physical health. Owing to the fact that psychological problems don’t really affect the person outwardly and don’t lead to any disability and physical pain, it’s deemed that they are a feature of our wild imagination and we don’t really have an issues. People hesitate and in most cases find it insulting and ridiculous to even entertain the idea that they might have some sort of mental illness.

Mental illness can be of many types, ranging from  mild to a very extreme and dangerous stage. Some of the most common and threatening disorders are depression, anxiety, paranoia, trauma and eating disorders. These are some of the most dangerous and yet wide-spread forms of mental illnesses, and due to that fact that person suffering these can still apparently lead a “normal” life makes it even more threatening and difficult to contain.

On the other hand some lesser-known types are schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder, multiple personality disorder and many others. People suffering from these disorders, unlike the previous type, tend to need special care as their mental capabilities are impaired more severely.

One of the first steps towards solving any issue is its identification, and then to find its cause. In case of mental illness, realizing that you have a problem is the first and foremost step. And by far the hardest step is reaching out to someone, this can be anyone you feel comfortable with and trust. Next thing to do is to seek out professional help and try to cure yourself of this evil once and for all.

But what is the role you and I can play? We can keep ourselves aware of what goes on in the lives of people around us, their fears, their issues, their sudden changes of behaviour and with this we can help those in need and lessen their suffering. Not only this but we can also provide motivation and hope to those who need it with our kind words. For the ones going through a tough psychological time but still know how to pull it together at the end of the day; helping others can provide them with the light they require and help soothe their inner strife as well.

Mental health issues are menace on the rise, but humanity has proved time and again, that no problem is insurmountable if you have the courage and spirit to face it.

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