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MCS Convocation 2015


12247010_1216138175069006_1671696714372319547_n21st November, 2015 MCS (Military College of Signals) experienced a day full of jubilation and festivity. After almost an unfortunate gap of two years, the “annual” convocation for the graduated students was held at MCS. Owing to the December 16 tragedy last year the convocation of those students had been delayed as well. Hence with four undergraduate and 2 post graduate courses passing out the air was filled with an aura of success, pride and happiness along with emotions of nostalgia and melancholy.

The preparation for the grand event started more than a month back, when the officials started taking details of various students, taking their willingness and dealing with administrative issues. The management of the final event had most of the students as well as the faculty members on their heels. With each passing day the anticipation of the graduating as well as the organizing students increased in intensity.

On 19th November 2o15, the organizing teams of students and faculty members were finalized and given their respective tasks and duties. Also on this very day the students living outside Rawalpindi started pouring in. From Lahore to Peshawar they made their way to their Alma Mater for one more time to collect their precious degrees.

On 20th, the sun dawned giving way to a congenial night as students headed towards the college for a full dress rehearsal. The graduates of the class of 2014 were seen meeting each other with great interest as a year and a half had passed since they last left the cloisters of MCS. Melancholy and glee were floating in the air side by side as they remembered their deceased course mate Muneeb, who had lost the battle of life a few months back in a road accident.

Similarly the students were asked to go through a few official formalities before the actual rehearsal. In this way the full dress rehearsal day ended.

Then came the D-day; the organizing students, in their crisp uniforms welcomed the guests where they were asked to fulfill a few formalities regarding security and then were welcomed to the marquee. Keeping the military tradition alive the ceremony started at the exact time with the procession of students being led into the arena with their beloved faculty members. The ceremony started with the commandant’s address followed by the rector’s speech. Then the chief guest Chairman HEC awarded degrees to the students. Then the students with high performances were given the President’s Gold Medal, Army Chief’s Gold Medal, Chancellors’ Medal and various other awards. After this the students along with their families made their way to the refreshments arena.

Cheers and hooting, hugs and tears, graduation caps flying in the air, and the waving of medals and degrees bought an end to this amazing day. With another passing year the students have left the walls of this great institution but they will carry its image in their hearts always, just like MCS will always carry the resounding echoes of their laughter in its hallways.

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