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Iqbal- his ideology, his philosophy


The 19th century had entered its last quarter that there was born a great philosopher, a great poet and even greater enthusiast who was going to turn the fate of his countrymen around by the mere force of his pen and by the mere power of his words. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, or otherwise also known as ‘Shair-e-Mashriq’, was one of the most prominent politicians of the British controlled India, a poet, a philosopher, a barrister, a scholar and an academic. He was the soul of the whole Muslim struggle against the Indian hegemony. He is credited to have given the idea of a separate Muslim state governed according to the beliefs of Islam. Iqbal did not only give the ideology of Pakistan but he was also one of the biggest activists in this cause.

                                                                   Suicide is better than the way of taqlid
                                                         Seek your own path, abandon the love of Khizr also

Allama Iqbal beyond all this was a man with a great thought process. Although by calling for a separate Muslim state he expressed his desire for the creation of a place where the Muslims will not have to face suppression, but even more then that he was an advocate of character development of the Muslims in general and the youth in particular to such a level that they are able to break free from all the shackles of slavery and are able to stand firm on their feet.
Iqbal’s ideology for the common encompassed the need of education, as well as instilling  the idea of hard work, dedication and passion among the masses. Iqbal’s poetry is laced with specks of patriotism and love for God and taking your love for God and your religion to such a level that it crosses the ordinary bounds of mystical experience.

                                             Love is peace and permanence, Love is Life and Death:
                                        Knowledge is the rising question, Love is the hidden answer

Widely acclaimed fact about his poetry is that he awakened the Muslims of subcontinent from their deep slumber. Before his poetry people did not have the courage to speak up against the atrocities being committed against them nor were they able to realize that by shunning the modern era of education and advancement they were only hurting themselves. But the philosophy of Iqbal encouraged them to aim for nothing less than the stars, and they were given a stark realization of the truth.

                                                 The youth to whom the stars are not out of bounds
                                                                        Are the ones I love indeed—

Iqbal called for initiative among the youth and urged them to tread on unexplored paths. He admired the west for their dedication and ceaseless endeavor and spectacular progress, but at the same time renounced the moral degradation that had taken deep root in their culture. In his poems he reminded the Muslims time and again that the only way to success was to keep your religious ideals intact, as otherwise this will lead them down the same road as those before them.

                              The worldly wealth and riches too, ties of blood and friends a dream
                          The idols wrought by doubts untrue, all save God’s Oneness empty seem


Allama Iqbal is always associated with his poetry but his poetry only contains a small part of his otherwise deep thought process,his philosophies on life, religion and the youth if taken into account amount to an even more vast ideology.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a whole era that passed in the small span of 60 years, but to this day his words have far reaching consequences, and are even now responsible for evoking in Muslims a sense of direction and spirit.

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                                               Wake up from slumber of negligence, deep slumber,

                                                                    Wake up from deep  slumber,
                                                                     Wake up from deep slumber,


Poetry extracted from http://iqbalurdu.blogspot.com/

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