That cap-tossing ceremonial…

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Well getting admission is NUST isn’t that hard; but then to put up with such a campus which is having an ample amount of theeta natives – that’s another story! Among which half of them have an incredible super power to drag down whenever they want with their absorbing sweet lil’ taunts about how hardworking you are, but oh well, that doesn’t seems healthy for your gpa (other than your IQ)… and the other half doesn’t even know about your existence so doubtlessly you’ll miss most of their fun times, because you’re not that affably invited as your roomies are … But never mind…we were about to talk on that ceremony something…of tossing…coins?…no,no caps!! Yes caps!…..what’s that!? …hmmm..can we leave it for now?…we’ll discuss it in the end. Ok!
After coming across all those hurdles which a typical Pakistani student faces and then fruitfully surpassing all these obstacles and long lasting nightmares like F.Sc board exams and entry tests(one or two entry tests were fine but three*!!! In December, April and then in June again…it’s like all you can eat buffet but then competition gets elevated and advanced because of the chances that a student gets for improvement are better.) About 10%-15% of students get into their dream university. If we look, then for most of the Pre-Engineering students are over here…the pioneer university for engineering is NUST (and may be two, three other universities too but then due to site, fee and scholarships NUST is more favored.) What after getting into their dream world!!?….


Relax mode on!!?, it doesn’t works like that. When the very first semester passes and the scores are pinned on the notice board then the real hunger games for GPA starts… friends are not friends anymore and your enemies are already about you engulf you even before you are able to submit your due assignments. It would be more apt to say that the real theeta mode in then activated in each and every student walking in the university campus. Most of them are always staring on their smart phones giving a look like that they are face-booking but in actual they are studying from the slides which your teacher just uploaded on the subject site from the very last lecture! (Types of theete would be definitely discussed in some other article because this topic is not about that).
So the Huger games have started and after then bloodbath* everywhere….during assignments, choosing your group mates for projects, group study, after the announcements of quizzes, may be also on weekend plans. Some of us really do good in those Hunger game i.e. secure a good Cgpa in the end (above 3.5), while others fair i.e. above 3.00 and some are in actual fact faultily effected by this bloodshed game because of their personable or accessibility or too much hanging around having and giving khappas* for nothing, i.e. below 2.99…..but what after the Huger games have officially ended!?…
All those people who are friends and foes seems to seize that sensation of verdict, what if his gpa is more or less…what if I am not that good at calculus as him….what if his over damped sinusoidal wave on the oscilloscope was better than mine… what if he threw me out of the group because I was not the productive one…so what!? In the end you and I still stand on the same position… uncertain and oblivious to what is about to come. Uncertain about life, uncertain about future, uncertain about getting a real life lasting happiness. May be your graduation robe is longer than mine but it’s made of the same cloth, which is fabricated with pride!

We all came across same situations… many situations of duplicity, many of downheartedness, many of fretfulness and may be some moments of happyness*…

On that cap tossing ceremony we all are going to be bounded by the most desired feeling of a freshly graduated soul. Our parents having pearls coming out of their blissful eyes would be so proud of us all, our juniors would all be watching us with desirous looks on their naive faces, our batch mates(who use to play hunger games a few months ago) would be all making confessions that ‘oh! You were the nicest person on the campus to share your notes with me…will miss you’, ‘I always loved the way you lied about quizzes and exams’, ‘never thought that there would be a bigger theeta than me in this campus!’, ‘I always prayed to Allah for your success (read please can I get a khappa now)’…. and blah blah and some of more extra blah…

But in the end we all did! We all survived! The real time winner is that one who not only survived but lived. Survival was a need but living* is a prerequisite to watch your kids making their dreams come true as you did!

*theeta refers to that disguised selfish person hiding in every one of us.
*I am talking about NET’s only
*bloodbath over here shows the overwhelming flow of studying in and out of the campus including the campus hostels
*treats, most of the times from the seniors but also from batch mates (don’t ask for the quality!)
*go and watch ‘Pursuit of happyness’.
*living doesn’t refers to earning or income rather it points to the noble way of life you lived while you were in your theeta mode.

Yasha Laila

Published poet in World Poetry Movements' (based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) two poetry collection books in 2011 & 2012. Winner of the Islamia College Peshawar's Annual poetry competition in 2014. EME Blogs' #NotSoTeensyTales' best tale writer winner in 2015. But really a messed-up & moody writer, where the wind decides in which way my pen has to bend & bow...

12 Comments to That cap-tossing ceremonial…

  1. Wajeeha Malik

    Soo true..exactly… You took words right out of my mouth,… True everybit… You know what they say: “In this selfish world only The selfish will succeed.. ” rubbish… Anyways quite good yasha… Keep up the good work!

  2. Dr.Iftikhar Ali

    Well well and well but cap-tossing is not the end of the picture ‘Picture abbhi baqui hay’ real hunger game will start when you will move to on-job and off-job ground realities and act in response to the hunger games will build up your character and elevate and reinforce your exsistence. I am proud of you lailo.

  3. でも、たとえオンラインショッピング比較流行の欧米諸国は、「ネットオークション時計」の態度も少なくない。カルティエ コピーイギリス1家のジュエリーチェーン店金史密斯、自身のウェブサイトで販売正宗トップ腕時計、この挙動を獲得した当時、オメガ豪雅は、ティソやロンジンなど数十社の時計会社の公式応援を含む、しかしロレックス、ブライトリングを含むいくつかの腕時計大グループ当時はネット販売態度は慎重に、理由はこの類技術の制品を販売していない場合スタッフの専門知識を紹介し、不適合なネット販売。

  4. 2015、都铎王朝の「導入」と都铎ゴース腕時計シリーズとブルーバージョンと新しい携帯電話。今年の大ニュースから都铎王朝でバーゼル2015内部機械運動の紹介。は都铎はロレックスに属して、それの運動は生産や組み立てて、完全に離れロレックスの人。

  5. そして、最後に、我々は詳細な観察には非常に、非常にまれな腕時計は、白金にパテックフィリップノーチラスref 5711。パテックフィリップの最高を提供しただけなのだ(あなたが何を意味する単語を取ること)のクライアント。とだけではありませんが、異なる材料。他の微妙な違いのホストでもあります。この珍しい腕時計の良い観察をするあなたの機会は、ここにあります。

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