Cleansing Negative Thoughts

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Our mind is churning out thoughts all the time.

Our mind is churning out thoughts all the time.

Thinking is as vital to human existence as breathing. Every moment you are awake millions of thoughts cruise through your mind. From infancy to old age, you have a thought process which continues to develop as fast as your growth. If worries of minute things such as food and toys evade your young brain at one point in your life, then many years apart they become something as trivial as memories of yonder years, regrets of the past, hopes for unkempt promises and forgotten love. In short you can’t stop your mind from working 24/7 even if you want to, not even when you sleep as now your thoughts preoccupy you in the form of dreams.

Now if so many thoughts are entering one’s mind; then the question is how can you make sure that these stay positive and aren’t steered towards making you a negative person? One of the best ways is to train yourself to install a filter that blocks out all the negativity. Now you may ask how to do that; its simpler than it seems! Simply every time you think something negative about a certain situation or a person, stop and say this to yourself, maybe I don’t know the whole story or maybe the person has a particular reason for doing something they did. In more easy words give people and situations the benefit of the doubt. This is to cope with one sort of negative thinking that includes judging people and thinking of them as inferiors.

Every time you are about to make a decision that somehow affects another person, and your decision or judgement may have an adverse effect on them, just stop for one moment and put yourself in their place and see how would you feel and how your life would be effected. Not only will this help you make a better call but also avoid any regrets later on.

Some people have negativity so deeply ingrained in them that they don’t even realize what they are doing is wrong. So before you label someone as positive or negative or an optimist or a pessimist, just remind yourself the fact that you don’t know their story, you don’t know the hardships; and they might have been through some crazy circumstances that made them the person they are today.

Crux of it all – to save yourself from negativity by giving people the benefit of the doubt and being positive about yourself and others no matter what.

Novera Tahir

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