10:45 pm - Tuesday February 20, 2018

NUST: Secrets Revealed


Some secrets are best left hidden, locked away in deep dusky dungeons or in the dark depths of the oceans. But there always comes a time when the clandestine can be hidden no more, and it becomes too much a burden to be concealed from the world. Today, I will be revealing probably one the best kept secrets of this generation. Reality of all the constituent colleges of our precious university NUST. Yes friends, our beloved “educational institution” NUST. There’s a saying that all glitters is not gold, and same can be said about this institution. Beneath the simple edifice of a university imparting quality education to its students, there lies a deep, murky secret.

If the whistle has to be blown then why not start from my own home, MCS or otherwise known as Military College of Signals. Well, this is what they want you to think it means. MCS originally is an abbreviation for Military College of Sorcery, and is home to some of the brightest and best wizards across the country. Don’t believe me? Then how do you think all the communication takes places? Magic – of course! Training and learning for joining the telecom or the software sector is just a smokescreen to a more covert operation!

From arriving at 7 in the morning and watching the young aspiring wizards in their crisp robes and straightened hats – the standard uniform for my institution; to learning spells to make all the devices around me work. Oh yes you heard me right, all electronic gadgets work on spells, and those too in special wizard languages (C, Java and of the sort). Different societies also cater the needs of young wizards in various ways, MCS LDS for example, usually thought of as the Literary and Debating Society is in reality an acronym for League for Dragons and Spells. Similarly MCS Drama Club is a cover up for those who enjoy shape shifting. Even more, the Art Club is home for those having a tendency to use magic to beautify everything around them.

Sorcery is an art taught efficiently at MCS. Gone are the days when people used to send their messages through owls. What we do now is put a spell on them and send them miles and miles away, simply with a swish of a wand. Of course our wands seem like computer keys to the untrained, unaware eyes!

What an fusion MCS is of all sorts of wizards; those willing to serve their country using their magical prowess, those who are given a special chance because of their military affiliation, and those who simply come there to get a degree in sorcery to work for their nation in the private sector. It is pure joy to watch them all collaborate with each other and live in harmony.

So MCS, is the best place to go if you want to edify yourself in sorcery and control the world with a swish of your arm. After CEME, MCS is your next stop. CEME ahhh that’s another secret, but that is due for another time……


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