10:46 pm - Tuesday February 20, 2018

My Paranormal Experience (MPE)


For centuries, humans have tried to unravel  the mysteries of this universe.
What are those burning questions that still baffle the scientists and astronomers? Alien existence, the concept of time, consciousness, dark energy are some of those uncanny phenomena that human mind is unable to fathom.

Although, scientists have excelled in many spheres of life, there still are some things that are unknown and unexplainable. Amongst these many mystical happenings, there lies the ancient mystery of “Ghosts”. Some say, they are “Spirits”, some say “Jinns” and some don’t even believe in their existence. Many researchers have attempted to give a plausible explanation to these paranormal occurrences but none has succeeded so far! Whatever the beliefs may be; deep down inside we all know that these entities somehow instill feelings of fear within us and haunt our minds.

I R NUSTIAN brings to you a new social media segment – “My Paranormal Experience (MPE)”. Every Saturday, we will share your paranormal experiences with everyone. If you’ve ever had any kind of encounter with such extraterrestrial being, or if you’ve ever been haunted or helped by such an entity, share your experience with us and we’ll be happy to share it with the world.  Inbox us your experience on Facebook with your name and city and we’ll post it on our page on Saturday nights.

Stay happy, and stray clear of ghosts! 😉

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