What do you think a “Printed Pizza” would taste like?

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The transformation of science fiction into reality is what makes us realize that we – the humans – really have come a long way. Even a few decades back who could have thought that covering great distances would be possible in a matter of minutes and that people living on two different halves of the planet will someday be able to communicate with each other so effortlessly and conveniently. But what if I tell you that there’s something more terrific NASA is trying to accomplish. While others are still awing and gasping at the progress human race has made, NASA has gone two steps further.

A “Gol Roti” is not a problem anymore. One can make a perfectly circular flat bread of the desired diameter in just a couple of seconds. To ensure that the appointed astronauts eat to their heart’s content, NASA has offered a grant of $125,000 to a research consultancy of Austin, Texas to invent a food printer. Scientists at NASA believe that the nutritional needs of astronauts are as significant as their mission and that a fresh and balanced diet must be given to them during their trip. Keeping some of the factors like safety, acceptability, variety, and nutritional stability as the planks of the mission, the research is in full swing to give a new perceptual structure to additive manufacturing aka 3D-Printing where “D” according to NASA stands for “Dining”.

NASA came up with this idea in an effort to maximize their reach to Mars. For long space exploration missions with a 5-year shelf life, a right amount of nutrients is something that must be given to the astronauts in order to yield their best performance. NASA officials also stated that such technology will remove the requisition of manufacturing tools and crafts manually and will rather give a more convenient and advanced way of fabricating things, consuming less time and resources.

With the pre-set feasibility proposal and premier food rheology and flavour expertise of the research team , possibilities are that the device will soon acquire a practical shape. I wonder how my taste buds will react to a newly printed cheesy pizza!

The world is experiencing a shift in its energy. I can feel it! Can you? Tell us in your comments below!


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