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NUST-MIT of Pakistan


For a prospective student, the most crucial part of his/her life comes when he/she  has successfully done his/her Intermediate/A-levels and he/she has to opt for a research-led university to study in. For others it might not be that crucial but for a Pakistani student,  things are really very difficult (I know what it feels like to be on the verge of nowhere). It isn’t as easy as it seems, to get admission in a top-ranked US/UK university for a Pakistani student which ultimately leads to one’s stay in Pakistan and continuum of  higher education.

What choice do you have?

Pakistan is a country which has a lot of political issues that are immensely influencing the higher education sector. In  a country, where the literacy rate is less than 10 percent, it’s almost impossible to find a top notch university. World’s best universities viz. Harvard, MIT, Stanford, University of Oxford are centuries old and are heavily dependent on state funding. The most severe issue that is making Pakistani universities to lag behind is the lack of financial resources to meet the educational standards of modern technological world. For a new-generation university located in Pakistan which has yet not had its Silver Jubilee, it’s not a small achievement to have its name in the list of top 500 world universities. NUST is the only university in Pakistan which has won these laurels and has made Pakistan proud. Moreover, it has been consistently sustaining its rank for consecutive 8 years (Since 2007). This is an evidence of NUST  imparting education of global standards and being one of its kind, at least in Pakistan.

Why has NUST gained this unprecedented honor?

NUST is particularly careful and fastidious in selecting students due to the highly competitive environment. With selection percentage of less than 5 percent, it inducts the most deserving students from all across the country. The fact that NUST has an extremely low faculty-student ratio, state-of-the-art laboratories, acknowledged and acclaimed publications, high-fidelity research tools and highly intellectual students, has made it Pakistan’s best university. Whether it’s engineering or medical, social sciences or business studies, NUST provides Pakistani students an opportunity to pursue their desired course and that too at an amazingly low cost.

What is expected for on deck years?

In 2011, About 48,000 students from all over Pakistan applied for NUST Entrance Test with the figure being raised to around 85,000 in 2014. Increasing trends show that NUST is soon going to make its position even better as more and more students are now trying to boil the ocean. I believe that NUST will be accredited as one of the world’s top 100 universities in the times to come. And this is going to happen very soon!

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