7:24 pm - Monday January 22, 2018

Once a Teacher Always a Teacher…



It’s almost impossible to picture our teachers as anything but teachers. Once I was sitting in calculus class and the person to my right says quite casually “I am sure he has the most well-behaved children… he gives them calculus questions as punishment so they don’t misbehave.”  My eyes almost popped out hearing this. Poor children…

Even if our physics teachers mention that they went to a hiking trip we immediately assume they are going to conduct a physic-y type experiment perhaps rechecking the laws of gravity etc.

We even think that our programming sirs have “I <3 C++” shirts at home. Or even sirs have “I eat Breadboards for breakfast” written on their coffee/tea mugs. How many of you really know what they eat for breakfasts. 😛

This is how WE picture what goes in the mind of our teachers:

6 : 00 am  … time to wake up! Since I have nothing to do I’ll go to my students in class, but today just to add flavor in my life… I’ll take a quiz!

9:00 am … I’ll take the attendance late in the end today… kia yaad karain gay.

10 : 00 am … lecture finish, now let me just collect all the assignments and give -1 to those who didn’t write their name.

1 : 00 pm … it’s my lunch break… (sigh) how I wish I was in class teaching something to the sponge like minds of my students.

5:00 pm … the day is over! I think we are behind the course of this semester…better speed up tomorrow. I can’t wait to grade the quizzes at home.

7:00 pm … aha! In OHTs I’ll ask the question that I said is the most important when the whole class was not paying attention.

9:00 pm … plans lecture for tomorrow and spends the whole day studying books. Hmmm I think I should study further ahead, PH.D is not enough…

11: 00 pm … I have nothing to do so why not study.

12 am … still studying or even does a bit of checking papers.

(sleeps for 1 hour)

6: 00 am  … I am fresh! Today I’ll come to class 2 minutes late just to give false hope that I am absent. Boy I am hilarious!


It’s funny how we classify people into boxes. And any changes coming after that makes us go crazy. But it’s just human nature. Also, we don’t look forward to change no matter how small it is. In fact we dread it.

That’s why sometimes it’s difficult to change our opinion about someone else too. How many of you think your teachers do something other than… teacher-ship work.


Let me tell you, they have a life too albeit not as interesting as ours I am sure but a life nonetheless. So next time if you see your teacher outside of the courtroom (classroom) that doesn’t mean that the world is ending. So chillax and carry on. And if you’re brave enough, approach them and greet your spiritual parents. Perhaps you’ll earn a few good deeds and a few marks in your upcoming assignment  😉

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