2:09 am - Sunday February 18, 2018

NVC Team Off-Campus Donations Drive for Flood Victims


A group of 8 people left EME campus last weekend to collect donations from outside EME. 4 sub-groups of 2 people was made and each group went to a location in Islamabad. Those locations were F9, F10 and Pakistan Monument Center. As it was the first time for most of us, there was nervousness and frightened faces all around. It was a matter of time when we started gaining confidence and started asking for donations from every person we met

On reaching Pakistan Monument, NVC Team went to the ticket both, donation boxes in hands, to purchase their entry tickets. The man in the both asked, “Yeh aap kay haath main kia hy (What is this in your hands)”
NVC Team said, “Hum selab zadgan kay liye donations jama kr rhay hain (We are collecting donations for flood victims)” . He then said , “Ap log jaein ap kay koi tickets nahin hon gay (You guys can go inside and you don’t need to purchase tickets)”

After collecting some donations from Pakistan Monument, on our way back at the gate a security guard came with the collective donations of all the guards and put it in the donation boxes. Moreover, the man in the ticket booth came to drop his donations too.
Moreover, an old man who was selling coconuts came and said, “Meray pass paisay to nahin hain lekiny eh narial (coconut) selab zadgan tak pohancha dena (I don’t have money but please send this piece of coconut to flood victims on our behalf)

The team in F10 witnessed a very inspiring moment when a handicapped person who was selling pens wanted to donate too. Although, NVC tried to refuse him because of his condition but he did not let us leave until giving us his donations.

At the end, all the hard work paid off when some handsome donations were collected. Everyone had that smile on his face as if we have achieved something big, something which seemed really impossible.

– Sheryar Ahmed (DE-34 CE)
Ali Abbass Chaudhry (DE-34 CE)

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