10:48 pm - Tuesday February 20, 2018

NVC Family 2014-2015 Announcement


NVC, the volunteering society of E&ME created and envisioned by degree 29 of EME has been playing its role of helping the people in need and ache for almost 5 years now. Recently it held interviews for NVC admin executive body of year 2014-2015.

After three days of completing the process of interviewing, the most awaited event that is NVC admin announcement took place. All those who gave interviews were invited. The event took place in ASG hall during the lunch timings so that all could be present and proceedings could go smoothly.

The host first enlightened the purpose of establishment of NVC and all its previous achievements were explained. Then was announced the President of NVC for his words. He came to the podium and expressed his views about the society, its proceedings, accomplishments and purpose. After him, the Vice President, explained about his past experience in this society and took over the proceedings. After that functionality of different wings of NVC was explained by him. Deputy Directors and associates of concerned wings were announced afterwards. Later an announcement of a new sub wing that is publications was announced. Its sole purpose would be to cover and publish different events of NVC. DDs of promotions, publications web development and graphics were announced afterwards.

Independent projects of NVC are the projects whose ideas are not necessarily floated by the NVC itself but also by the people outside NVC. These ideas were later taken under the strong and stout wings of NVC to function as independent projects. Independent NVC projects are each one, teach one, career counseling, teach all, Containers in Malls and APS tuition classes.

After all the announcements, a group photo of NVC family was taken with its faculty head Sir Sajid Gul Khawaja who’s brotherly advice and help at every step has enabled team NVC to stand where it is today. It was conveyed that to be a part of NVC family one doesn’t have to take interviews or have a position in its wings, one simply needs to have a feeling for the humanity in need and an urge to do something about it.

– Ahmed Ali (DE-34 ME)

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