NVC Book Sale – Phase I

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From what the weather should have promised-a nice and lazy day with cool breeze in this month of September and favorable days to come, rainy and chilly and rain and more rain…

Oh well brakes!



The start of the new year in universities is always full of spirits. All the societies become lively and eager to do their best for their institution. As it so happens NUST volunteer’s club also started with a bang!

A book sale conducted in the 3rd week since the commencement of new academic year of 2014-2015.The activity started with the collection of books of every type from literature, novels, and magazines to academic and course books. The club members actively took up the challenge and started nagging their every other friend and class mate to donate the books for cause. The cause being getting money by selling books, and donating the money to the flood victims.

The book sale was conducted on Wednesday, 24th September on college of EME’s ground right in the geometric intersection of the four departments. A nice little tent was propped and a few banners and charts chanting lines for people to come and buy.

300+ books were collected and 70-80 were sold generating a handsome amount of money. The most pleasant part of book-sale that was the auction of books signed by Brig. Shoab Ahmed Khan could not be conducted due to his absence but viola another book sale event will be conducted as soon as our junior most degree-36 joins in.

The books consisted of novels from all-time favorites Dan Brown, J.K Rowling R.L Stine to horrifying Electric Circuits Fundamentals and Statistics.

No kidding.

To everyone reading this do attend the book-sale (part-2) that will be conducted on 1st October 2014 and join in for the cause.

To view the Event Gallery, Click here.

Photography Credits: EME Media Club

NUST Volunteers Club

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