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Ban On Saeed Ajmal – A Yahoodi Sazish?


Cricket season is heating up again, and Pakistan is leading the headlines for all the wrong reasons – again! These days, anywhere you go you only hear people talking about the “outrageous” ban on our star bowler, Saeed Ajmal. Everyone is mourning the “incredible injustice” and “despicable biasness” showed by ICC against the Asian players, but more particularly Pakistani players. Many of them think that this is a part of the “global scheming” or more commonly called a “Yahoodi Sazish”; just done to decapitate Pakistan’s bowling line up and dispossess them of one of their major weapons.

I am no bio mechanists, so I cannot say anything about whether the ban is justified or it is in actuality just another way of picking on Asian players. Neither are 99% of the outraged and overzealous critics – but you would not be able to judge it by their confidence when they say “this all is part of the grand scheming by the neo-cons cum Zionists cum free-masons cum hindus mushriks and a tad bit of yahoodeeees …”. Well maybe it is just me but that’s a lot of people conspiring just to ban one off-spinner! :p It is true that the timing of this ban i.e. just before the World Cup, makes this a bit suspicious. But just to re-iterate the fact, Saeed Ajmal’s action was suspected since 2009, it has only now been confirmed by professional bio mechanists that all his deliveries had an average elbow extension of well over twice the allowable limit during testing of his bowling action in Australia last month.

Oh so that's why India won the world cup!!! :p

Oh so that’s why India won the world cup!!! :p


Coming to the technicalities; Ajmal recorded an astonishing 40 degrees with a relatively small standard deviation of 2.5 degrees at the National Cricket Centre in Brisbane, according to a 23-page report on the tests last month. The rules allow for an elbow extension of 15 degrees. And the report says none of the deliveries by Ajmal during the eight overs of testing came close to meeting International Cricket Council regulations. During testing, Ajmal bowled off-spin from both over and around the wicket, the doosra, and quicker balls – and unfortunately every ball of his was deemed illegal. One heartening thing though from this is to see that PCB have acted sensibly for once by hiring Saqlain Mushtaq to help Ajmal correct his action before the start of the world cup – rather than indulging into futile requests for re checking and beating their chests over the issue without much gain.

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Come to think of it, this has become rather our national hobby, blaming others for our problems and blunders. Just sticking with sports, it was most probably a grand scheme by the Hindu lobbyists to lure into our “innocent” players like Saleem Malik and Atta-ur-Rehman into match fixing, which lead to their life bans. And the Salman-Amir-Asif match fixing scandal was certainly the result the elaborate planning by the Zionists; which by the way all three of them have confessed guilty to.

Looking it from this point of view; we have been a prime target of the under-world secret societies all these years! They must have mixed some performance enhancement drugs in Shoaib Akhtar and M. Asif’s meal, leading to their bans just before Champion’s Trophy 2006.

Harbhajan Singh, aka BHAJI ... a well established cult member !!! :o

Harbhajan Singh, aka BHAJI … a well established cult member !!! 😮


And good old Shahid Afridi was just tricked by the cunning Zionists when he “accidently” showed his dancing skills TWICE on the pitch in a test match between Pakistan and England in 2005. And then they have the audacity to call it pitch tampering, how low can they go? :/

And I have no doubts that these damned yahoodees had somehow made Afridi BITE AND CHEW a cricket ball in front of tens of cameras and thousands of spectators. In actuality, they only wanted to get to our nuclear assets by doing this! :/ (face frying pan :/)



This was just sports! I can go on and on about how we associate every teeny tiny thing with someone else and consider ourselves free of all blame and responsibility! There’s too much pollution on the streets – Go Government Go! Traffic is a mess – yeah President House must be burnt down to solve this! People are cheating, looting, stealing, swearing, hurting and hogging others’ rights – bloody yahoodees and hindu baniya is responsible for this! :/




Let’s make one thing very clear, we have admit that these all problems are of our own making – not someone else’s! The sooner we realize this, the sooner we will be able to start looking for the solutions. We must realize that we live in a land of opportunities – the greater the problems, greater are the opportunities to fix them and find a solution! It is imperative that each and every one of us spreads this notion in and around the society, because the real “revolution” will only begin once we step out our current stupor and slumber and take the initiative into our own hands! 🙂


Oh wait… Maybe it was Pirates of the Caribbean rather then the Yahoodees !!! Proof u ask? Prepare to be petrified!!! :p


Chris Gayle, not u too!!!! :o

BANG BANG, Goodbye Ajmal !!!! 😮



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