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The Complete Guide to Ragging: By Neelam Shoaib


Is it just me or anyone else noticed this vast “generation gap” between the rest of the NUST students and the freshmen? I have to salute Darwin for all his work of evolution. All these phrases like ‘survival of the fittest’ and ‘may the best man win’ are echoing in my head.


We all know that we or our mischievous friends want to grab ‘fresh meat’ and do some good ole fashion ragging. And looking for this some adventure your readily agree. This is how we ATTEMPT to rag:

Step 1: Locate fresh meat- uh I mean a freshie, and thanks to the color week going on it’s easy to locate them. Preferably go for the ones who are alone. Hint: they won’t be wearing the pretty NUST cards but would have those HUGE “ORIENTATION DAY CARDS”. You can’t miss them.

Freshies are smart, they will travel in packs or groups of five or more. They go to class together, to the café together, even to the bathroom together, they even don’t meet the eyes of anyone who is wearing the ominous red card holder. If even one member of the group senses danger he or she notifies his other members, and quickly in unison they all go in the opposite direction from the danger. But there are some innocent people out there. They get caught in the fish net. They are your target.

So now we come to step 2…

Step 2: Look at your right… look at your left… look at your right once again to make sure no one is watching, by this I mean the NUST guards (bless them for never letting me go above a speed of 40 and thus protecting life.)

Step 3: Walk like an alpha predator over to them. Or make a wolf pack and surround your target, make sure he doesn’t escape. Freshies respond to this and won’t try to escape by this posture.

Step 4: By now the freshie has realized that it was all too good to be true. Even the big banners didn’t stop us seniors because we… are fearless. B)

Step 5: Ask in a nice playful voice if that indeed IS a freshie because it could be a fellow senior who had just forgot her card that day. We are not cannibals; we do not harm our own kind. You can never tell how old a person is these days …

We had it all planned out…

Step 6: Introduce yourselves proudly as SENIORS, ya that will scare them… they will now know who they are dealing with.

Step 7: Start with the basic… name?city?school?Pepsi or Coke? … Then show your true colors.

Step 8: Now demand a song to be sang or some other ways to mentally torture them. There is a 98% chance that they will say ‘mujhe koi gana ata hi nahi hai’. Who feels like rolling their eyes now? …You can always make them buy you something from our trusted khappa.

Step 9: With all this talking you realize … that this … freshie… bottom of the food chain of NUST… isn’t so bad… you offer to help. Them with their studies, books, projects etc etc.

Step 10: You take that freshie under your wing and protect them, congratulations you adopted a little brother or sister.

Step 11: Wait a few years…

Step 12: Now your friendship has blossomed. You are all buddies and chums. But they never forget that you once made them sing ‘lape ati hai tamana bun kay’ in front of so many people.

Step 13: Now your graduating… this is the happiest time of your life. And the once-freshies take… revenge. They throw you the worst possible farewell in the history of farewells.

Step 14: Regret for the rest of your life for whatever humiliation you bestowed on someone. And cry every night for that.


The above article I wrote was just for fun. And I support things like ‘dosti lagana’ and little bit of fun not the type of ragging that they sleep with one eye open. Anyways these kids are the ‘new’ us. They are sharp (sharper than us), bold (bolder than us) and adapt surprisingly well. And they are more creative in hiding their lunch money.

Let me clarify this fact, I am no party stopper, I am all in for fun. There is a difference between ‘fun’ and ‘being mean’. You should know that. And what’s fun for you should be fun for the juniors don’t you think?

True Story coming right up:

This one girl in my college she had little money; she came to Pindi for some quality education. She lived in a hostel and in the starting of her college; some seniors ‘just for fun’ took all the money she had, which was a few hundred rupees. Much later it was revealed that she left college, she no longer had the money to eat lunch for one or two weeks and could not keep up physically so she left and went back to her village.


Some of our freshmen come from a far place and hope to make AWESOME senior friends (because let’s face it, that’s us). Do we have to give an impression how bad we can be?

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3 Responses to “The Complete Guide to Ragging: By Neelam Shoaib

  1. Gohar Afroze Malik
    September 12, 2014 at 11:06 pm #

    Haha ragging par jitne blogs mein ne parhe sub girls ne likhe hain 😀

    • Neelam Shoaib
      September 13, 2014 at 10:27 pm #

      Would you believe me if a ‘guy’ suggested me to write this? 😛

      • Gohar Afroze Malik
        September 16, 2014 at 11:49 pm #

        No way 😀

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