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NSS Welcome 2014


Life could have been so much more easier if only NUST wasn’t so big… and so sprawling! I mean, ask the students of SMME and SNS how they feel whenever they miss their shuttle, or find it going the other way… ESPECIALLY on the days when the sun is particularly blazing hot… but never mind, the same campus can be a blessing in disguise when the purpose is to actually get people to run long distances. Then there is no place better for it than NUST.

Ah, yes, NUST can become a very good place to hold a scavenger hunt.

Latest scavenger hunt happening at NUST was put together by NUST Science Society last Friday (26 September to be precise), and it was probably the most scientific fun event that NUST has had in ages. I don’t know if you have heard about it, but the guys working in their technical team had actually developed an app for the whole scavenger thing. This is the most techie-est thing they have ever come up with – it sure had me geeking out!

NSSWEl14-3This is how it worked: You installed the app, the app gave you the clues that indicated a place in NUST. My best one was the clue “how I met your mother” that indicated Concordia 1 :-P. Once you had figured out where it was, you went there and found a member of the organizing team, who either gave you a task, or some questions that could turn out to be pretty nerdy (but really very simple if you are smarter than a 5th grader). The tasks were more of the sort of making pyramids out of disposable glasses, or shooting hoops in the basketball court. This was actually a step better than the tasks we have had running in our previous scavenger hunts, which require you to buy eatable items from the café and submit them along with your clues – those tasks always turned a bit unpleasant in the end.


Okay, so next up, you didn’t know that but you were graded by the very nice organizing member, according to how you had performed the task. In case of the app, the member entered the password, which was a special code that instructed the app to add up your scores at the back-end, and voila! your next clue unlocked and you were free to run as fast as you can to your next destination – but, erm, after you had figured out what it was, and where it was.

Rumors are, that not many people opted for the android app, which is kind of sad, because another rumor is going around that people who did use the app actually did everything faster, and were quicker (no idea why that would be). Yet another rumor is, that there were some people out there who were actually distracting those who asked for help… Now why would anyone do that?

In the end, the participants had to run all the way back to SCME, where they had refreshments, and the movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2” awaiting them. Sure would be fun to relax after so much running and clue-solving. And oh, congratulations to A-Play for winning the scavenger hunt straight out. I wonder if they had used the android app…


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