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Joining a Society at NUST (Part-I)


So now you think you have settled down somewhat in your life at NUST. You have learned to get around a bit, and it’s been some time since you last lost yourself on the campus.

So far, so good. But did you know that there are people hunting for you all over? I know what came to your mind, but their purpose is not to rag you. Even so, they are looking for you with utmost eagerness. They don’t know who you are, and they don’t know what you want, but they will look for you, and they will find you (eventually)… They’ll be there in the cafe, they’ll knock on your doors, they’ll barge into your classrooms in your breaks… There’s just nowhere to go.

Well, there is a lot you could do if you don’t want to get trapped in all this. First of all, go offline. Leave no trace of you ever using the internet in your life. Keep changing your hangout places. Take longer routes everywhere and make sure no one is following you. Avoid places that have flashy chart papers and banners displayed. But most importantly, trust no one, because they are in your midst and all around you.


So who are they, you ask… They are representatives from student societies and clubs. Just one or two years ago, these people were in your shoes, and now they are the converted and the transformed, trying to do the same to you… Okay, what’s that? I hear you are seriously considering joining one of them? Well that’s most surprising… I had no idea it would come to this so soon. But okay, while we are on the topic, why not give you an overview of what options you have?

There are basically two kinds of memberships: One is general membership, by which you become eligible for certain discounts and some special events of that society. The other is executive membership, for which you can apply once you are a general member, and can become an actual part in the organization of all events of the society, and seeing to other aspects like marketing, social media, and web development. General membership is something you should avail even if you have the slightest interest in that society’s events but if you want to go full throttle, go for executive membership.

The first and most important thing that you should consider is, how you would like to be defined. What one name can you put on your resume that will save you hassle of writing sentences. While you are doing your own research about it, do check out the personality of the club you’d like to join, and the kind of events that they arrange. Let’s go over the general profiles of central societies of NUST:


NUST Community Services Club: (Website)

Dedicated to serving the underprivileged, this society lives to “to involve university students in activities that prove vital for the betterment of society and change them into responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to community service”. Over an year, they hold a lot of events, relief campaigns and blood donation drives. One of their targets is to collect enough money from their events to pay the semester fee of one deserving student, which I think is pretty cool. They also have other projects related to community services, and if you want to see yourself being at the forefront of such activities and availing these opportunities, then this is the best option for you.


NUST Science Society: (Website)

If it’s science that’s your stronger point, go for it. If it’s the geek in you that has brought you to NUST, then let it further take you to NUST Science Society (We so need geeks in this world). It is one of the first societies that were founded and approved at NUST, and they have some big events to their name. They invite scientists, industrialists, and experts here and look to empower the academia-industry linkages.


NUST Adventure Club:

So, you are the one they cannot keep locked down for a few days, the one who has this mad urge to go look for a rock to climb, hold a gun to shoot, fall dead tired on a mountain top after a good hike. Go ahead and join these people up then. Get registered, keep in touch with their activities, and you will be in a good position to grab at all good things that come from them. And if you’d like to make these opportunities for the other adventure lovers at NUST and make them see how adventure makes them a better person overall, don’t think and take up the executive membership.


NUST Media Club:

Hello the one with the camera… Yes, you. The one who always forces their friends in particular formations and poses to get the maximum pictures at every outing. The selfie masters. The one whose hard drive is oozing with pictures. It was probably you they made the NUST Media Club for, you passionate photographer!


NUST Literary Circle:

They cater to the ones with literary taste, and organize related events that you cannot only participate in, but also help in organizing by becoming an executive member. They also released their own magazine by the name of “The Circle” last year that was a compilation of poetry, and fiction and non-fiction works in English and Urdu. Seating is always an issue when they get a real star personality to come on one of their events, so it’s always a good idea to remain in touch with what they are up to.


NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan:

This should be your choice of a society like to promote patriotism and cultural values and would like to work for this cause besides your degree. It focuses on the celebration of national and religious holidays.

NUST Fine Arts Club:


Having a creative arts related side activity can work as a really good stress reliever for people who are pursuing hardcore science and technology related degrees, and if you believe in that, then do seriously consider becoming a member of this club. Their events will serve as a break for your otherwise focused-on-getting-a-good-GPA routine. Some of their art workshops are only for General Members, so do get that to get the maximum out of such opportunities.


NUST Debating and Dramatics Society: (Website)

Well, I think I need not put much under here because it’s pretty clear from their name. So, if you feel pumped just by the thought of public performance, get them into your list. They mainly organize Drama Fests but there is so much that can be done! So,why not join up and make them better?


NUST BioReach Society:

Under the motto of “empowering the researcher, enlightening the public”, this society is particularly dedicated to creating awareness related to public health and disease, and biological sciences. They have been associated with eradication of polio in the past. You might think that this society is particularly for the biologists on NUST campus, but that isn’t the case. No matter what field you belong to, if you can identify with their vision and mission, join them up!


NUST Environment Club:

If you think people around you need to act a bit more kind towards their environment and you’d like to be a part of this, then NUST Environment Club is for you. They still need to create a bit of a louder buzz about their events, though.


NUST Entrepreneurs Club:

This society is dedicated to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in NUST. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, then this may be your first place to connect and develop contacts that will prove vital for your hopeful breakthrough in the future. But you’ll need to be on your toes to know when their membership opens… or when their events happen, for that matter.


NUST Book Club:

Ah, the book worms! This is the place to be. They organize book fairs in NUST and offer special discounts for members, so if you want to promote the reading culture, make others see what pleasure books can bring you, and want to add more books to your ever-growing-collection-of-books fast, then you should probably go ahead and join them up.


NUST Pubic Administration Society:

NUST Public Administration Society is a central platform for the students of Public Administration at NUST, so, you should seriously consider joining this one if you are enrolled in one.


NUST Volunteers Club:

NUST Volunteers Club is based in College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME) and often conducts it’s activities in conjunction with NUST Community Services Club to raise donations for displaced people stricken by natural disasters in the country. It is working towards the aim of bringing a “social change” and has multiple wings dedicated to blood donation, environment, and community services.


So now you know all kinds of clubs and societies that you can join at NUST and on what basis should you  should go for a particular one. In the next part under the same topic, you and I will go further into how much choosing the ‘right’ club to join matters, that will affect your life in years to come. Oh and if you’d like to join us at iRnustian.com, do some writing and cover up events of your society or school you can send in your application here, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can!

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