10:41 pm - Tuesday February 20, 2018

How Can One be Happy?


What is happiness? Let me explain this word in my terms! You have an assignment due after the weekends and you get informed about the sudden arrival of some guests who definitely would bring something for you. Now the feeling you will experience will suppress your worry about everything. That certain feeling is what I call Happiness. There are a lot of other little things which bring us happiness. For Nustians, the time they get to go to C1 makes them happy more than anything 😉 (the male readers know what I’m trying to say)


In broader terms, Happiness is a thing which every person in this world is looking for. Different people find it in different things. Most of us run towards money considering that money would bring happiness to ourselves. The fact we all know that a laborer who, after finishing his job for the day, finds happiness spending time with his family with a little earning to spend. While a rich business man who is too busy chasing more and more money fails to see his family even for weeks. Every other person we come across would have a different point of view about happiness. Everybody could be right to a certain extent but a few know what life really is about!

Life is about ups and downs, like a roller coaster. There can’t be too many ups or only downs. So, one has to maintain a balance between money and other aspects of life. Those who go too far pursuing money, eventually fail to do good with their families and other people whom they affect directly with their acts. An ordinary person who is earning money and managing his needs accordingly is more likely to be mentally peaceful.

We are living in a modern era in which money counts a lot. Nobody can deny this fact. A middle class person who wishes to live a successful life, definitely has goals in his mind. To achieve those goals and to prove himself, he surely has to work hard. And with success, comes the happiness and secondly the money!!


This topic is quite a debatable one and I know there would be a lot of people who would disagree with me for what I have written about happiness. But this is what I have observed and learnt about happiness in life that I have lived so far. So, for living a happy life, I would say that you aim for living a successful one, happiness and money would be waiting for you! It’s same as buy one get two free 😀


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