6:26 am - Friday January 19, 2018

Alumni Talk Sessions at SCME



Okay so you are a graduate now what! job hunting, CV making, interviews, interviews, interviews…..accepted…rejected….accepted rejected…woaah…take a breath…you got a problem, we got a solution 😉 presenting to you the NUST alumni association *drum beats..!
So there were two speakers invited to save our lives….Ammar Zaheer, telecom engineer from NUST MCS and Bilal Ahsaan, MBA graduate from NUST H-12.


The session included a lot of informative stuff about how to give an interview, how to be presentable before the panel, how to answer a badass question, how to analyze what they are asking from us and what do they want from us and most importantly how to advertise yourself when you apply for a job. Sir Ammar Zaheer who also work with the HR department of FFBQ gave the students an affective view of how they are judged before the panel and what is mainly the art of selling yourself. He also explained the misconception that references are such a bad thing;  well they aren’t that bad if you truly are a deserving person; even he tried referring some of the best NUST students applying for the job. He mainly covered the part that how an HR person sees a candidate and what he expects from him to do.


The other part of the session was covered by Bilal Ahsaan who was mainly an entrepreneurship adviser. He emphasized on creating a job rather than getting one and spending the rest of you life waiting for the clock to tick around 5 (just some 9-5 job things). There is this much scarcity of job in our country that if we wont do anything about it right now we’d probably be ending up in the stone age in no less than a decade. Our country requires young enterpreneurs to control the current situation to, not only get over the inflation but also to stop the brain drain.


Although these awesome people tried so hard on us to make us feel better during interviews. They also suggested some mock interviewing sessions to eradicate the fear of students and to train them even better.

There is this bunch of very nice people called THEE NUST ALUMNI and we can always contact them people they are always accessible. Its on the official website of NUST, visible to everyone and there is contact directory available as well.


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