A Review On Haier Laptop From PM Laptop Scheme 2014

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It is one of those times when I actually sit down in TV lounge to watch TV with my father who is the only one interested in watching news. Nowadays, the best entertainment on TV is when a political drama is being broadcasted live and it becomes a home theatre when the event has stirred the whole nation in some way. Anyways, here I was wondering whether I am witnessing a freedom speech or a concert, but I don’t care, I was bored and this is the only time TV offers any real laughs.

My alliance was clearly defined, well if not before, then now up until three months ago when I attended PM Youth Laptop Scheme 2014. Why wouldn’t it be? I mean I got a free Haier Laptop.  😉


I was not a big fan of Haier especially when my only close encounter with Haier products were their AC’s at my institution. Every time I walked past these, I used to think out loud to my friend, “Who makes a logo like this? I mean seriously orange kids, at least they could have chosen less bright colors.” So imagine my horror when I thought of the same logo on the back of the laptop.

It has been almost three months since I am using the laptop and now is the perfect time to write a review on it.

Here goes a detailed review for all the remaining 98,200 students who have still to get the Laptop under PM Laptop Scheme 2014. (Though I am not sure about the laptop distribution considering the political instability in the country.)

Haier Laptop 7


The laptop design is pretty good and no less than any other brand in the market. It is light weight, slim about a little over half an inch thick from the side and has a sleek “goldinish silver” color. A 12-inch wide display screen with 1-inch black bezel on the four sides. There is “Haier” written in silver at the bottom of the screen. The back of the laptop has a dark silver engraved “Haier” on the extreme left in the middle and a logo of  “PM Laptop Scheme” in the center.

Haier Laptop 2

The left side of the notebook has a Power Adapter Port to plug in the AC adapter in order to power it. Right next to it is Kensington Lock Slot with which you can lock your laptop to an immovable object with a security cable. Then comes the LAN (RJ-450) port which supports a Base-T RJ-45 plug compatible with 10/100/1000 Mbps data rates.

After that we have all the basics such as heat vent, HDMI port, 2 USB ports and memory card reader. The USB port supports a v.3 standard capable of transferring data at 4.8 Gbps.

Haier Laptop 1

I believe that the heat vent and the Power Adapter Port should not have been on the same side. The charging cable comes right in front of the heat vent and the heat released can damage the wire. Though you can change the position of the wire but still it was not a wise design move.

The right side of the notebook has an optical drive with another USB port and an Audio Combo Jack (Headphone & Microphone Jack). The front of the laptop has three LED status indicator lights for Power On state, AC adapter status and a Hard Disk Drive Activity state.

Haier Laptop 4

Right at the top of the screen is a HD/VGA camera (according to the user manual) and since they forgot to mention the pixels, I have to assume it’s a 1.3 MP camera backed by the image quality.

The Lithium Ion Battery is placed at the usual place but a word of caution; don’t grab your laptop from the back because a slight tug or force will leave you with the battery in your hand and your laptop will hit the ground. Be careful! The battery offers almost 4-5 hours of charge.

Haier Laptop 6

The keyboard is just like any other laptop and surprisingly it does not include Urdu alphabets. It was really irritating for me to use F keys by pressing Fn as well. Maybe because I have always used the F keys directly.  The keypad is not smooth and not easy to use. It feels like you need to drag your figure rather strongly on it and sometimes it does stuck.


When you switch on the laptop, you are greeted with the PM Laptop Scheme logo and then the pre-installed Windows 8.1 Pro takes over. This Windows version boots the laptop pretty quickly, so this is an advantage. Well, I guess all of you know about the OS.

Haier Laptop 8 Windows 8.1 Pro

Overall the performance of the laptop is pretty good as long as you are not doing any heavy work. For the first 1-2 months I used this laptop for small tasks and installed no new software on it. A couple of days back when I installed this latest version of Matlab on it, not only it lagged but also started giving me “Less Disk Space” warnings. That’s when I realized that it’s C-Drive was given only 80 GB of the 500 GB hard disk in the laptop.

All the other original brands out there always have large C-drive space and a recovery image of the OS available. This laptop, however, had dedicated less than 100 GB to the C-Drive and there was no back-up recovery image. That’s when I divulged in the world of Hard Disk Partitioning for the first time. (By the way, the online tutorials suck.) Finally I was able to increase the C-drive space with EaseUS. I still have to make the recovery though. I have also read that this may be the problem related with Windows 8.1, but I am not sure about it.

Haier Laptop 5

During the partitioning and when I finally ran a half hour long simulation on Matlab, it not only heated up quickly but also became slow making it difficult to navigate with an already sluggish keypad.

If the Wi-Fi gets disconnected, it takes almost a minute to reconnect again. The sound quality is really bad, even with the full volume you cannot hear the sound properly in the noisy area. You will have to use the headphones to hear the sound clearly. However, if the audio or video is played using Windows 8 application; the sound quality improves and it also depends on how good the audio is on your music or movies.


Category: Notebook

Manufacturer: Haier Information Technology Co. Ltd

Model: Haier Win8.1 PC

Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i3-4010U CPU @1.70GHz

System Type: 64-bit OS

Operating System: Pre-installed Windows 8.1 Pro


Memory Type: DDR3 1333MHz

Hard Disk Capacity: 500GB

CD-ROM : Built-in Optical Drive

Screen Size: 12”

Screen Resolution: 1366×768

Graphics: Intel ® HD Graphics Family

Audio: Microphone (Realtek HD Audio) & Speakers (Realtek HD Audio)

Camera: 720p HD Webcam

Wireless LAN: 802.11b/g/n


The laptop design is good and it seems an honest work has been done in its design. The overall design is commendable with the exception of the placement of heat vent and power adapter port on the same side. According to my three months experience with the laptop, the performance of the laptop was good when it was not pushed harder. When the work load was increased in terms of using heavy softwares and longer simulations, the laptop became a little sluggish and heated up. This problem might not be noticeable initially when it is still new but in the long run the laptop may start showing signs of problems a lot earlier than other competitors in the market. The battery time is amazing, however, the battery should have been more securely placed in the battery compartment. The fact that it takes a little over a minute to reconnect with Wi-Fi may indicate that the radio sensors installed are not strong enough. In addition, the sound quality fluctuates, a few times the audio is hearable and other times the sound is too low forcing to take your headphones out.

RATING : 3.3/5.0


* The background of Haier logo is that of a cartoon series based on two Haier Brothers who travel around the world to deal with disasters. The cartoon series was released in 1966 with 212 episodes and each episode was 11 minutes long. The orange description of the kids is as I remember them, though I was unable to find it over the internet.

* This article was written without any political influence and gives a personal experience of the author. Anything political mentioned was just part of making the article more informal and enjoyable.

* Image Courtesy: Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Official

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    • Wasim khan

      Click Start menu then write in the search bar Restore the have gave 3 option install windows. Restore default and restore remove all data

  1. Wasim khan

    Windows install method
    Click Start menu then write in the search bar Restore the have gave 3 option install windows. Restore default and restore remove all data

  2. ilyas ahmad

    hello sir…..
    i have get the prime minister laptop under 2014 scheme….unfortunetly my laptop charger have damage due to electricity…now i purchase new charger …..will hair deliver me new charger

  3. Zubair Yousaf

    Dear Sir can you tell me that in PM laptop scheme there is a feature of bluetooth or not if it is available then how can we use it or how can we find that option waiting for your reply?

  4. Sir , i have complained three four times already on hec website but today i also remind you sir, my laptop become powered off from last two months but i have submited at Nasha electronics at Hyderabad. They said to me that we have send your application to hair company office when they will send to us motherboard we will prepared your laptop. so i request you , sir please issue new motherboard to nasha electronics as they prepared my laptop and they return it quickly. please reply at this number 03443180874
    CNIC no 44302-2022762-7.

  5. Usman Ghani

    It is a very balanced, well thought-out and neutral review. I very scarcely comment on blogs and posts but couldn’t help writing it after I came across an issue concerning the IHD of this Haier laptop which blew away its internal hard drive last week. I have ordered one from Amazon for $75 with 1tb space and 8500 rpm speed. I’m scared it might not create another catastrophe. But I’ve planned to install Wondow 7 this time instead of Win 8 Pro that it came with originally.

  6. sir my laptop screen is partly damaged. if there is any service in swat kpk of this scheme. plz send me contact address or contact me on my cell number 03466217624

    • Sadaqat ali

      press and hold shft key then hit rstart button then go to troubleshoot then UCFI then restart then go to ucp go to boot select boot type to lagacy boot then go to boot order then select CD/DVD hit shift + depending on your keypad then press F10 key to save changes CD/DVD will be boot atomaticly

  7. hello sir…..
    i have get the prime minister laptop under 2014 scheme….unfortunetly my laptop charger have damage due to electricity…now i purchase new charger …..will hair deliver me new charger

  8. i have this haier core i3 laptop but my Bluetooth driver is not working. although i installed driver from the CD which i got with laptop.

  9. Mansoor khan

    Sir mery laptop ki screen damage ho gae ha kia mjy new screen company sa mil sakti ha?

  10. andazjuda


    Salutations for Mis Sarwat Fatima. well i am realy amazed by your outstanding work and i am interested to have some talk with you if you do have some leisure time . its andaz juda from karachi . nothing personal

  11. lokesh kumar

    sit i am lokesh kumar sir in my laptop 2 problem accurs one is the dark shadow on lcd automaticallly come.
    and other one is that the idm not work ….please tell me the way i solve my problems….03353689260

  12. lokesh kumar

    sit i am lokesh kumar sir in my laptop 2 problem accurs one is the dark shadow on lcd automaticallly come.
    and other one is that the idm not work ….please tell me the way i solve my problems….03353689260

  13. Such a lame scheme!! Ever since i have received this haier laptop its not been working as it should be. I must have paid its total worth by now getting it to the shops every month.

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