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A Guide to PNEC, NUST


Pakistan Navy Engineering College is one of the institutes of National University of Science and Technology, NUST. Its reputation is well established across the city as a college of one of the best universities of Pakistan. The college is home to three engineering disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering. Each department offers its students a curriculum designed to meet the standards of the demanding engineering world.

It holds an esteemed faculty of well experienced professors and instructors all working hard to create an exceptional environment for the young engineers that will soon be at the forefront of innovation and development. It offers all the required facilities to all its Faculty of Masters and PhD holders as well as its students for research. The College is well on its way to becoming one of the researching hubs of the country. Everything needed to qualify it as a fore-running engineering institution can be found over the 75 acres it is spread over. Its departments are equipped with the necessary equipment in its labs from robotic engineering utilities to manufacturing machinery, etc., so as to ensure that the students are provided with an environment that is always developing according to the requirements of the competitive market.


The Classrooms are fitted with teaching aids to provide the teachers and students with the standards that the curriculum requires. Being a “Navy Engineering College” the administration makes it a point to always keep it well maintained, the students are required to follow the rules and regulations as expected of such a fine institution. The administrative blocks are well organized with attentive staff members who provide systematic order for official matters.

The college gives an amazing experience with its inspiring individuality. The ambition of the cadets and students as they work tirelessly to achieve their dreams can almost be smelled in the air. The blended feeling of patriotism with duty and honor as civilians and cadets study together gives this institute a unique identity of valour, courage and discipline.

Societies and clubs in PNEC NUST

All those who are coming to PNEC-NUST, you’re encouraged to become a part of these.

Team PNEC-NUST, Shell Eco-marathon

Formula NUST Racing

PNEC Solar Car Challenge 2014

ASME-PNEC Student Section

IEEE PNEC Student Branch


Media Affairs and Communication Society – MACS, PNEC

ASHRAE PNEC Student Branch

PNEC AIR-Alumni & Industrial Relations Society

NUST Association for Sports and Recreation – NASR, PNEC

NUST – PNEC Olympiad 2014

To the Fresh enrolled batch, all that can be said is; PNEC is a place where students aspire to achieve nothing less than extraordinary feats of excellence. This legacy is something all of us should try to uphold.

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