10:48 pm - Tuesday February 20, 2018

Tears: Friend or Foe?


Tears are probably the truest way of expressing something to me, a smile can be fake, a hand shake can be deceiving, a look can lie; but a tear shed even not for the right reason has a reason behind it.

Us fellows of the world have many reasons, sometimes excuses, to shed those salty droplets. Tears of JOY, Tears of Pain, Tears of Mercy, Tears of Drama, Tears of Laughter , Tears of Fright, Tears of Gratitude, Tears of Shame, Tears of Pity, Tears of Death, Tears of Life. We all have them one after another, I don’t believe in anyone who says that ‘crying’ makes a man/woman weak, how could these salty tears change us? Do they put the sword in our enemy’s hand? Or does it soften everything in us like it softens our face?

Have you ever wondered how weird tears and crying is? I mean come on! Tears are like salty and watery (but not quiet water) and they taste funny, they make your nose red and your cheeks blotchy, your nose gets watery and make you hiccup like you have a disease. And let me tell you no one, I mean no one, looks attractive like that, no matter what jewel of the world you are.  And the worst part is that when we tell ourselves “It’s getting embarrassing stop crying you stupid heart”, your heart goes all Elsa (watch the movie Frozen if you’re confused) on you and screams “No! Let it gooooo…”

You never see anyone crying with pride. When teenage girls cry over something trivial, they hide their face or run into the bathroom where the sound of their sobs can be heard in the whole girl’s washroom. When a young boy cry, his friend will fist him a little awkwardly on the shoulder. Babies cry all the time. A quiet baby is the worst crier; it’s more like a hunter waiting for the moment to strike (more like waiting for the tired parents to sleep). All babies are ‘Elsa’s at heart (another Frozen movie reference). They love her song too much. -_-

Grown-ups cry too, but not in the type of wailing we see in our youth. They cry at heart mostly, they suffer in silence, pay their taxes and drink tears for breakfast along with a healthy dose of reality and don’t forget coffee…


You know what is fascinating? Watching kids cry. I do not to say that I like making children cry because thats what Boogyman and psychopaths do. What i mean is their expressions…I mean if you can mute them with a universal remote controller or put them in a sound proof glass dome and just… watch them. It truly is amazing. I was waiting at the dentist a few months back for my turn at the dentist to come and I saw 2 little girls probably 6 and 8 fighting over a very ugly doll, the elder of course won and snatched the doll from her sister’s clutches and what I saw made me wish I had a camera. The 8 year old with her still intact two braids looked so smug, so arrogantly standing over her sister it would put a king to shame. And the younger girl … her hair a mess and she sat on the floor like a victor defeated. At first her eyes swelled up, her lips shook and then she wailed like a banshee.

It wasn’t her extreme loud voice that made me just realize how fetching of a picture she made, all defeated and tired and cursing the fate for putting her in such a cruel situation, she looked like a person who had the taste of heaven only to be snatched to quickly from her, she was so open about her emotions that I was truly mesmerized. It isn’t that I like watching little children cry, it’s because her open display of emotion, not caring about who heard her, or what time it was, it was because how brave she was to be true to herself. If only you and I were true to each other that much…

I just realized that why I couldn’t be that 6 year old girl, whom I would probably not see again. I was once at a funeral not long ago of some man I never knew, and at the funeral I saw his sons and daughters, they were being very discreet at crying, I mean they were almost trying not to cry. I mean I don’t know how their relation was with their father but I am pretty sure he might have been kind to them, even a little, and that kindness can’t be restored by another, so I think the deceased did deserve a few tears openly shed, I am not asking to go on a stage and recite a poetry. I only wanted them to cry with a little openness, not quickly wipe the first tear that escaped their eyes. Who needed to be strong when someone died, it was not like we are going to a war…

So I very bravely declare all forms of crying to be declared legal and not be judged (by me at least). Because the immense relief I feel from crying… that is actually worth a little mortification.  😀

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