Perks of being a freshman

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“Good bye! See you beta!”

I continued waving at her as long as she was in my limits of vision. Then I came to my room, unpacking my stuff….yeah it was 6 September, orientation day of batch 2k13 and officially my very first day at NUST, as a student.


Besides your own department, another thing that gives you nightmares is the hostel. DON’T LISTEN TO WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT IT. It very much haunted me the first day but after a month or so even homies like me like to spend their extra vacations exploring the city (THE CITY HERE DOES NOT MEANS CENTAURUS ALONE).


Every freshmen’s first and foremost fear! But let me tell you there is nothing to be feared. Ragging is officially not allowed at NUST, but that doesn’t mean you can move like a boss around the campus, there are predators waiting for you in the café, in the hostel or in any other area where there is no chance any faculty member can save your day. Just keep a few things in mind and you’ll be all good; Never open the door if its late at night and you are in your room all alone, do not walk like a loser if you encounter mass of predators aka sophomores or you’ll have nightmares the whole semester.


Mess Food…

Yeah its very good the first week, just good the next week, alright the next and finally you end up fighting for making the DD change the mess menu. I swear it isn’t that bad, but if you have to eat chicken your entire life, you just can’t resist hating it….its something like that.

Roomie Trouble…

I am pretty sure everyone can handle it. Take a breath, don’t freak out! It isn’t such a mess you think. Just be good with the person you call your roomie and you’ll get the same in return. If not, you surely can change your room. Besides there are many advantages of hostel life, like you can go to your seniors for any kind of help anytime… well, not anytime. You can have a perfect environment for studies. The most sexy thing is the birthday part…yes I mean if you are awake by twelve and suddenly from nowhere people start screaming like hell, there is nothing to be afraid of, its just another surprise birthday party and if you are not having OHT’s or exams the next day, you kind of very much enjoy them.


The life at NUST is very much happening and you enjoy every moment. Just remember your prime purpose and everything will go perfectly fine.

P.S. I hope predators will forgive me.


A going-to-be chemical engineer, and yeah life was so simple before coming to NUST. When its so messy out there and everything just pisses me off, the thing that would save my life is ‘diary’ and a pen of course (the idea was given by a friend, whom I didn’t say thanks until now). A desi mom’s desi girl turned into, somehow, a city girl; that’s the least that could describe me!

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  1. Well l just wanted to ask, is the laundry at nust good? Someone said that they use cheap powder and stuff and you pretty much end up with spoiled clothes…And its better to wash your delicate and better clothing by hand in a bucket. …what’s your take on it??

  2. well its umm pretty much true…they really kick the hell out of your clothes…but the only thing i like about it is that the laundry wale chaachaa is really good at ironing the clothes….I mean really…he does a lot of hard work doing that…but yeah washing clothes isn’t really his thing…you are on your own!

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