“Ya tau laptop milay ga, Ya jaan jaye gi”

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Dramatic, is it? Let’s rewind back a little. “Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme” was officially launched on Friday at 11:00 hours at the Convention Center, Islamabad. About 1800 students were invited to receive their laptops, out of which 138 were NUSTians. The ceremony went smoothly till the time PM departed. The real “khawari” started afterwards. Honestly speaking, it was not the government’s mistake this time. The youth program organizers had already allotted a separate room to each university to systematically distribute the laptops. The problem was the poor management from the University.

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A few things were noticed for the laptop distribution with respect to the NUST management. NUST did not inform the students about the allotted rooms at the convention center for laptop distribution. Most students got to know about it through word of mouth. There was a lot of confusion in room numbers, not to mention finding the room was another quest.

It seems the usual NUST discipline of the students is practiced within its walls. The university’s training drastically failed outside the NUST boundary. Once the ‘finding-room’ quest was achieved, the students created a fish market right outside of the room.

It was not the student’s fault entirely. The management was unprepared since they began late much after other universities started giving out their first laptops. The queues were not properly formed and students were making their own separate queues. This led to a lot of pushing and shoving. A person who luckily received the laptop could not find his/her way out of the room.

For every four girls, none or one boy was being send to collect the laptop. The unequal ratio led to more unrest and time wastage. Due to huge crowd in corridors the air was suffocating and this is when someone commented “ya tau laptop milay ga, ya jaan jaye gi.”

Cartoon Of Crowd Pushing And Shoving

At one time the students were asked to remain in main hall and a group of 10 students was to be called but it was not implemented successfully. There should have been a coordinator with the students in the main hall responsible for sending them to collect laptops.

Sadly one or two other universities managed things far better and more efficiently than NUST. It will be better if next time the laptops are distributed inside the university separately in each school.

Here is the short video of the situation in the corridor outside the room. For the sake of privacy, the faces in the video have been hidden.

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