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Tips for time travelers


There isn’t a single person among us who hasn’t watched movies like “Back to the future”, “About time”, “Time traveler’s wife” , “Doctor who”, and much more. Time traveling’s been a fantasy for mankind since secrets of physics have started to reveal. To travel from one point of time to another has been the most intimate matter in hand for the science fiction writers for decades. According to Einstein, time is the fourth dimension, where space is described to be a three dimensional arena. Time provides another coordinate and direction, although conventionally, it is always moving forward. Despite of going through all that scientist fuss, I still interpret time to be a silly thing which runs too fast when I am having exams and too slow during the vacations. The idea of traveling in time sometimes gives us willies. It is not as facile at seems, as L’Engle says “a straight line is not the shortest distance between two points”
– Madeleine L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time;

At the same time, not as arduous as some of us believe it to be; “Nothing is hopeless; we must hope for everything.”
– Madeleine L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time

While it is reckoned to be the physical meaning of time, philosophy offers another definition of this metaphysical quantity i.e. eternalism, possibilism, and presentism. All times, past, present and future are actual times, just like there are actual points in space and one can not privilege one point from another whether it is about time or space. Everything is one; the appearance of things coming to be and ceasing to be, of time passing or flowing, is simply phenomenal, not real. It follows that every individual has equal probability of existence but one can not say for sure that what exactly would be the time space domain of a particular individual.


YESS! we don’t have to learn all these theories to travel in time (well of course we have to…but since we don’t have to invent a time machine, all we have to do is just ride one and BAMMMM…nail it). While a part of us wants to travel in time, a part of us still reckons if it is possible to change the future by traveling into it;

“If I could somehow know the future,
then now should not be like this time.”
― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

There are certain things you have to take care of while traveling in time; and so here starts the prologue; once you are done with the peeking through all the red and blue wires, electrodes, transistors of your machine, take a breath and have a look on your appearance; may be you’re going to have an encounter with your grandparents (possibly young at that time) or if you are lucky enough may be you are going to see a nice lady/lad, looks matter no matter whatever the situation is. Next you need to take a few precautions which are necessary for a safe journey:

Leave a note: Before you leave make sure you have a don’t-worry-about-me note ready to post on refrigerator or any wall of yours for it is good to inform your parents about your every single move. Of course, by informing, I mean tell them after you’re gone, as it is extremely stupid to create chaos before even doing anything.

Trust the scientist: If you are unaware of how to start the time machine, you’re left with no choice other than trusting the person who made it…but NEVER EVER LET HIM DO IT AS AN EXPERIMENT. While traveling make sure that you’ve closed your eyes otherwise don’t blame anyone for what you see on your way to past/future.

Don’t act stupid: Once you’ve landed at your desired time domain, don’t let the natives figure out that you are from another time, for it’ll create chaos.  Just try to act or behave like them and do exactly what you intend to do. Have a deep look around and some selfies will even do better for you may have some display pictures for your facebook/twitter, but you have to do it without letting anyone know about it.

Do not post a status: Don’t even try to do that. You’re not sure if you are in the time when there was internet or not. Don’t even ask people if they have facebook profiles or not, for this could make you more alien-like in front of them.

Make friends: Sure you can make friends out there. But don’t do it in an intimate way; it may becomes difficult for you to come back. Remember, whatever happens DO NOT BRING YOUR FRIEND WITH YOU ON YOUR WAY BACK TO HOME.

Avoid using slangs: Yes, people out there may not understand “swag/yolo”. So keep calm, save your swagger personality for some other event and be a nice gentleman.

Do not get killed or captured: If any such thing happens the first thing you’ve got to do is press the emergency button of your gadget and try to escape the situation ASAP. You don’t need to be stuck there for no reason.

Be nice to say good bye: No matter how much inhospitable the situation is for you, say good bye to everyone you met before coming. Be nice enough to distribute some presents as well (by present I mean gifts of course).

Have a safe journey and don’t be afraid to enjoy anything and always remember;

“We’re all stories, in the end.”
― Steven Moffat


P.S. Do not bring anything with you on your way back home, you may get disappointed.

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