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NUST Community Services Club recently entered the league of those few NUST Student Societies that have their own independent website. That’s right! Gone are the days when you had to scroll endlessly through past Facebook page posts and events to keep updated.

Now you can enjoy the full benefits of a running web portal to keep updated, thanks to the efforts of web development team at NUST Community Services Club, comprising of Rafay Aziz, Mubasshir Mustafa, Anjali Chittwani, Hasseb Ziaburki under the leadership of Press Secretary Nida ul Fatima. Type in your browser’s search bar and have all of NCSC’s activity served to you in a plate.

The website was inaugurated by Principal SMME, Director Student Affairs, and Director Administration, in a formal launching ceremony attended by NCSC Executive Council and Alumni on 30 May, 2014. It is a remarkable and well-deserved achievement for the whole NCSC team. Kudos to them for attaining this milestone!





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