What is the Fee structure at NUST

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There are two different tuition fee structures defined for candidates entering in different programs offered by NUST. As per the NUST policies and statue, the tuition fee for academic session starting from 2014 is as under:

Fee Structure for National Students:
Engineering/IT, Bio
Sciences & Natural
​Medicine ​Architecture, Social
Sciences &  Business
​Rupees ​Rupees ​Rupees
​Admission Processing Fee ​30,000 30,000​ 30,000​
​Security Deposit ​10,000 10,000​ 12,000​
​Semester Fee ​63,000 75,000​ 75,000​

Payment of Student Fees:

  • In case of new admissions students have to pay the admission processing fee, security and half semester fee in advance at the time of admission. The remaining half semester fee has to be deposited after three months of admission but not later than 15th of December through invoice/challan issued by finance department. 
  • Invoice/Challan for admission charges along with first installment of first semester fee and Provisional Selection Letter will be available on NUST website.
  • Tuition fee will be payable on semester basis except the first semester fee which will be payable in two equal installments.
  • Students have to pay their fee in advance before the commencement of semester otherwise they will not be eligible to sit in the class.
  • Deadline for the payment will be posted on website.

International Students:

​Engineering, IT, Bio Sciences,
Natural Sciences, Architecture, Business
Studies & Social Sciences
​Admission Processing Fee ​USD 575 ​USD 1150
​Tuition Fee (per annum) ​USD 3500 ​USD 10000
​Security Deposit ​USD 250 ​USD 850
​Health facilities (per annum) ​USD 120 ​USD 120
  • Tuition fee for the first academic year (two semesters) will be deposited inform of Bank Draft at the time of admission in NUST Registration office.
  • Subsequent, tuition fee will be paid through challan form generated by Finance Directorate, NUST. The structure and schedule of payment will be intimated to the selected candidates.
  • The security deposit is payable along with the admission processing fee at the time of admission.

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  1. If I gets admission at NUST in mechanical engineering also taking hostel facility as well as food and other expenses,what would be my monthly expenses as I pay 4000 for hostel accomodation

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