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How should you remain technologically updated?



The nickname that I give to some of my friends is “Technology Repellent Species”. They listen  very intently to any tech news but do not seem as excited about it as I am. Trust me, it is really annoying to get a “hmmm” at the end.  I am not being a snob, rather merely pointing out why some people are more excited about technology then others? I think it relates to right exposure at the right time. It may just be in the nature of a person such as if the first book they purchased was “1000 fantastic facts” or the first drawing they took interest in was an astronaut’s space suit fully labeled.

Here are my tips that I learned to keep myself technologically updated and you can too.

Use Flipboard

Flipboard is a free application for your smart device available on Apple app store, Google play store, Windows store and BlackBerry world. It is a personal magazine where you can collect articles from multiple sources.


Flipboard itself offers categories for you to subscribe to or make your own sections. These categories contain specific articles related to the title from multiple high end sources. e.g. “Photography” or “Technology” will contain content related to it. If you search for a word such as “Computers”, it will compile information from across the web and display it which can then be made into a personal magazine.

Read an article every day before or after taking breakfast! Fresh mind absorbs more.


Read Magazines

You should probably try to visit your institute’s library and read the technology magazines. These magazines are a great way to keep you updated about the long term projects to which you can contribute as a researcher. You can also have your personal subscription but that cost money. Cherish the free service while you are in an educational institute.

Watch TED Videos

TED is a platform for spreading ideas through short powerful talks. These videos are not only inspirational but also expose you to good presentation skills, new products, innovative ideas and useful insight to a wide range of subject. You can download the app for both Apple and Android. If you are not much of a reader but a listener, this might be just for you.ideas-worth-spreading

Follow YouTube channels

YouTube is not all about watching funny cat videos. It has splendid channels related to diverse categories. You can either follow tech reviews, tech talks, trouble shooting, tutorials or DIY videos, e.g. If you have to buy a smart device, you should see tech reviews. It gives you a realistic overview of the product. It saves time and prevents you from an overvalued version from the shopkeeper which may or may not be true. It can help you judge pretty well if this is what you really want. This rational thinking helped me buy products which I never regretted.

Google it!

Keep-calm-and-google_itIf you encounter a problem with your computer or any other device do not go running to a specialist to solve the problem. Go to Backrub, I mean Google! You will be surprised to know how many other people were having the same problem. This will not only solve your problem but make you more knowledgeable as well. Another great advantage is that you will come across new terms, new tools and new websites. You don’t have to keep track of everything you find but you will have an idea where to go and what to use for a specific problem.




Once you have read something, share it with your friends and family. This will help you remember information for quite a long time.

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