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We often hear the words “corrupt, dishonest and haraam”, here and there. Our upbringing tells us that it is wise to stay far away from these words. We have a solid belief that once we grow up, once we start working in a firm, we won’t launder money, we won’t rob any man off his rights and that we will take home the money we earned solely from our blood and sweat. The fact that any other means of earning money is taboo. But then I ask myself, why do students cheat?


Although it may seem harmless and necessary at times, cheating I feel is as corrupt an act as any other. This I say so bluntly because when a student cheats in an exam, he gets a few extra marks that he doesn’t deserve. He goes on to complete that particular course, but a small part of the grade that he gets on his transcript is not his to take. He completes his degree and then goes on to get a job based on that degree. And however insignificant it might be, a tiny part of the pay he gets is illegal. And whether it bothers one’s self-conscious or not, that student is earning money he didn’t deserve, or in other words, is corrupt.

I don’t mean to imply that he who cheats will earn “haram” for the rest of his life; rather I want to give a broader perspective. Usually we don’t think in the long run and the immediate result (marks) is the only thing that matters to us. This I don’t blame on the students and their morals but on the system. The system that forces us to compete so crazily that it gets instilled in our minds that we have to get that extra mark wherever and however we can.

I would like to quote one of our very own faculty here “OYE Gadhey, what is the worst that could happen to you if you don’t cheat han? You will lose a few marks han? Maybe even fail the course han? O ziada sey ziada summers hi laganey par jaiin gey han? Believe you me, a few marks here and there don’t matter.”

So don’t worry about the future. Have a positive and outlook and Allah will help you.  To conclude I would like to say that just be honest, because what you do, defines you.

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