NUST Street Carnival by NUST Fine Arts Club

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Mid of semester usually gets dry and tiring with overwhelmed assignments and projects, pheww…. but NUST Fine Arts Club brought the mega fun event; one of its kind to counterbalance the boring routine. Yes! Talking about NUST Street Carnival; an amazing Friday of this semester. The unique part of the event was the Talent Hunt and Performing Arts competition which were categorized in various categories and some of the performances were just outstanding. The dancing category was seemingly amazing and the crowd was moved by most of the candidates, making this category ‘the heart of event’. How can I forget the guest performances? Jahanzeb Tariq from GIK Institute rocked the floor with his startling breakdance performance. Another, a flute performance by Raja Mehran of SCEE was exceptional among all performances.


A five hour event is never complete without food 😛 Various food stalls including Subway and Cock ‘N’ Bull were setup further to give the street effect… and kulfi walay, gol gappay waly were also there 😀

The timing and idea of event was perfect. There was a little bit of mismanagement by the organizers during performances but as it was the first mega event organized by NUST Fine Arts Club so hats off to the organizing team 😀 Keep it up!

Event Rating

Overall: 84/100

Central Idea: 5/5

Event Management: 3/5

Time Management: 4/5

Decor: 4.5/5

Crowd Response: 5/5

You can view Jahanzeb’s performance following this link.


Hafsah Akhtar

First year MS student at SMME.

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