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God, time and us – the reality.


Time and infinity, both are the nightmare of Physics. Infinity can’t be measured in reality. And things that can’t be measured doesn’t exist in reality. Reality, like time, is too a relative word. To understand the concept of time, we should first understand what reality is.

Thoughts actually don’t only create the reality, they are the fuel to the continuous process of creation of reality. What you are experiencing in this physical world is the result of your thoughts. You don’t do something. You create a reality. A reality exists with its own dimensions. But the question is What this world is? How it exists? And why we experience it in a common way?

It is our common perception that we don’t experience hundred percent of what we think. There is a reason for that. The world outside us is the result of thoughts of all the living things around us. In most of the cases, thoughts of major people under normal conditions may or may not have anything common.  Like time, there is a similar dimension of thoughts. When these dimensions intersect, a reality comes to exist. For you to experience this world physically, it is necessary to have all of these dimensions intersect to create a physical existence.

Consider that this world is made up of five people only. Suppose that these people are just experiencing reality due to their thoughts because something in their thoughts was common. And there is a fifth person who is thinking in another way, rather in another dimension. Under these conditions he will not experience the reality he wishes to look for because his thoughts don’t intersect with others one and it will result in failure.

The “dimension of reality” and “dimension of thoughts” are both interdependent. Rather I would like to write dimension of reality as a function of thoughts. Creation of reality is a linear and continuous process. While creation of thoughts is a rather dynamic and random process. Absence of one’s thoughts may affect the reality but that does not much help to restrain its creation.

This world is just like a reality that can exist in any parallel universe. And it does exist, in ours. And we experience it because of time. Time may be a relative thing in physics but not in our everyday life. I mean you just don’t go to bed and wake up inthe past?

Time is a linear thing in our world and it does exist in its physical form because it can be measured. Time is not just a sense of passing of moments. According to Albert Einstein, “When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.”

Imagine yourself sitting on a chair in an empty room. Someone knocks at the door, opens the lock, and comes to your room and then goes away. How would you define time in this perspective? Well you actually are comparing moment by moment to have a sense that time is passing. If you’re just going to compare the same moment again and again I bet you can pass your time easily. However this thing can’t answer one thing that is, if you are interested in some moment of time like past memory, time actually seems to fly.

Now coming to the question what was God doing before the creation of this universe? One possible answer, what I believe, is simple. Time didn’t exist before the creation of universe. Time, like most of  other things, is an intrinsic property of this universe and every universe born within this universe will have the same intrinsic property. What I believe is, that this universe was made on the basis of perception of dynamic reality and time.

I have always had doubts about human intelligence. I take human intelligence as the thing that can produce thoughts in one dimension only. And these thoughts cannot lead us to another unknown dimension. Perhaps there is another parallel universe with no concept of time and reality in which we may measure our life in another manner.

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    there is no god you fool

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