National Seerat Conference (2014)

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NUST Bazm e Pakistan is gladly organizing the 40th Annual Seerat e Nabi Conference (2014), with a view to project life and Seerah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and discuss his teachings.


This conference is scheduled to be held on 6th February, 2014 at the NIT Seminar Hall in NUST. Prominent Ulema and distinguished religious scholars from across the country will attend the conference and present their articles and thoughts. The Annual Seerat Conference aims to endorse the personality of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and foster sectarian harmony among all sectors of Islam. NBPK also aims to acquaint people with the latest research that is being done on Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW). The lectures from the eminent guest speakers will cover politics, economics, society and education as practiced by the Prophet (SAW) and enjoined by Islam to be the final parameters of peace, development and progress.  The conference also holds an objective to let us remember the teachings and traditions of the greatest benefactor of humanity, Prophet (SAW), who taught men to forgive and help, to do justice and remove ills, to show sympathy to the oppressed and spread love as far as possible. The conference will be enlightened by the recitation of Holy book, Naat Khawani and the lectures delivered by some of the prominent scholars of the country. NBPK has always been inclined towards organizing such events, targeting comparatively much greater number of audience than other societies at NUST. We encourage students at NUST to become a part of this auspicious event by attending it.



NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan (NBP) is one of the NUST H-12 Central Clubs/Society formed under the directives of Rector NUST. Given to School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE), it is being run by one of its constituent department NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE). NBP has primarily been entrusted with the responsibility of celebrating the national and cultural events however it has not been bounded to expand its area of operations.NBP now aims to ameliorate and develop to form a platform which provides the students with an opportunity to widen their scope of learning pertaining to events all around the world.NBP aims to bring students, analysts and other specialists in the field of politics and current affairs together.NBP would serve as an ideal place to register your opinion on national and international agendas. It will not only improve your knowledge but also will polish your analytical skills which will enable you to look at the world from an entirely different perspective.

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