9:24 am - Thursday February 22, 2018

College of E & ME: Dean Introduces Academic Reforms


The Dean College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering addressed the students of Mechanical and Computer engineering departments in the Saeed Akhtar auditorium yesterday, 19th of February, 2014. Among the major features outlined were the new rules for withdrawal and suspension, while relegation was done away with. According to the new rules, a student acquiring four consecutive probations, consecutive is the word here, will be withdrawn from the college. Similarly a student getting 4 F’s in a semester will also be withdrawn. While the cap was set at 7 F’s for the whole bachelors program. He noted that with these rules, one has to work very hard to get withdrawn. If a student remains absent for a prolonged period of time he will be suspended for the whole semester whence he cannot pursue any academic activity in the college, regular or improvement. Rules for technical cadets have also been modified. The other highlights which were far more interesting and offered greater flexibility were the course deferment and dropping/adding of course and the time period of degree completion. If the student so wishes, he can drop courses to a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester and add courses, to a maximum of 21 credit hours per semester. The maximum time limit for completing a degree has been extended to 7 years, in order to accommodate the case in which a student gets critically ill or some serious issue prohibits further study in the structured course. These were the main highlights of the new rules introduced. The whole policy change has been uploaded on college website from where students can see on their own will. The students welcomed these changes and showed their enthusiasm in the question and answer session that followed. They apprised the dean about the problems being faced as regards the departmental facilities, paper showing dates, use of learning management system (LMS) and some other problems. The Dean answered all the questions amicably, and promised his full cooperation on all matters.

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