Catching the Moment with Dr. Mushahid Hussain

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With the end semester exam just around the corner and the GPA tension floating throughout the campus, NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan successfully organized a seminar, conducted  with PML-Q senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed. His cheerful and enthusiastic personality in addition to the little humor in his speech every now and then kept the audience absorbed in the session and didn’t let them get carried away.


The speech basically being inspirational and concerning Quaid-e-Azam’s efforts for Pakistan turned out to be completely different from the usual seminars when the speaker stirred it with his own experiences. Sharing memories from his meetings with personalities such as Nelson Mandela and Egypt’s Former President Mohammad Morsi and even that of Mushahid Hussain’s father attending the historical Lucknow address of 1937. The speaker clearly illustrated that nothing in the world is impossible if we believe in hard work, faith, and acceptance with an open heart. Looking back in the past doesn’t solve the problems. It’s the approach to the future that creates a better world.

Remembering Jinnah’s work for the Muslims, the speaker mentioned quite a few of his notable qualities. Whether it was Jinnah’s unquestionable integrity and character or his methods of winning a state by abiding all laws of fair play, or the love of mankind, Jinnah always won the hearts of his nation. Even he made compromises, but his morale never dropped low. Jinnah stood his ground firm.

The Rector NUST, Engr. Muhammad Asghar, and the President of the society, Abdul Hanan Mughal, also briefly addressed the audience to thank the speaker for gracing the event with his presence. To wrap it all, NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan has once again set the bar high, and it will keep on surprising NUSTians with such fun filled and informative events.



NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan (NBP) is one of the NUST H-12 Central Clubs/Society formed under the directives of Rector NUST. Given to School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE), it is being run by one of its constituent department NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE). NBP has primarily been entrusted with the responsibility of celebrating the national and cultural events however it has not been bounded to expand its area of operations.NBP now aims to ameliorate and develop to form a platform which provides the students with an opportunity to widen their scope of learning pertaining to events all around the world.NBP aims to bring students, analysts and other specialists in the field of politics and current affairs together.NBP would serve as an ideal place to register your opinion on national and international agendas. It will not only improve your knowledge but also will polish your analytical skills which will enable you to look at the world from an entirely different perspective.

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