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Tarka: From Dusk to Dawn!


National University of Science and Technology is gradually becoming a hub of festivities and competitions to engage students in productive activities and provide them with exposure. NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan has been playing its role very effectively in being the only society reviving patriotism among students and presenting the positive aspects of the national culture.1458667_603310446402762_108907880_n


On 29th November, 2013, with the winter nearing its peak, cold windy evenings around the sunset, and the tight grip of semester getting stronger, NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan stirred up the environment with a cultural night tag line “TARKA lagnay laga hai”. The unique theme of the event not only allowed the students to represent their part of the culture but also to enjoy the atmosphere of unison between versatile cultures. From elegantly designed stage to the well decorated entrance gate, the sparkling dragon boat to the village side decorated tractor, the venue was transformed. The charpais and the artificial hay stack added to the desi decor.1452418_603168303083643_515090472_n

With smokes from BBQ stalls, the sweet taste of cotton candy, the perfect Kashmiri chai and hot jalebis, there was everything to attract the crowd. But the eye catch of the night was the dragon boat. The shouts and hoots were lightened by the soft sufiana kalam by Raja Mehran followed by Amna Hashmi’s sweet voice accompanied by Collin’s guitar. The atmosphere was further made musical by Qasim Mustafa’s performance. Tahir Iqbal and Amna Ahsan engaged with the crowd to keep up the spirit while being great anchors for the show. As the evening went colder, a group (Haider, Musti, Muddassir, Roshaan, Orooj and Giri) presented yet another musical performance along with the mesmerizing rabab. The crowd was highly moved by the flute played by none other than Raja Mehran. This performance not only got the much deserved appreciation but also added to the moods of the listeners. The audience was singing along as the melody left flute and shouts of “once more” were heard right afterwards. The show continued with Zulfiqar Asim’s marvelous mimicry of Tariq Aziz and Ex-Prime Minister engaging with the crowd with hilarious questions. As the event neared the end, Usama Khan and the Revolutionists rocked the stage with their awesome talent. To close the ceremony a group of IGIS students took the stage presenting an interesting drama. As the anchors said goodbye, none from the crowd was ready to leave. Precisely, NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan pulled off a great event giving an amazing evening to all the NUSTians out there.1469938_603163489750791_639224357_n



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