High School Outreach Program

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High School Outreach Program

NUST Bioreach Society, in collaboration with PAK-US Association Network, organized the second chapter of High School Outreach program in ASAB-NUST on 30th Nov, 13 to 1st Dec, 13.

The two days program was exclusively held to bring curious young minds to the temples of science and train them to investigate systematically. The training drive was joined by 40 youngsters from different schools. Two instructors gave lessons on molecular biology and microbiology, which were like fantasies for young thinkers.  Four mentors were appointed to each group who made that training more of a fun by taking them to labs, exposing them to the hidden wonders of science. The students were also introduced to performing practical research experiments such as DNA Extraction, Bacterial culturing, Gel Electrophoresis, etc.

This new methodology of learning was exhilarating to them, and “experimenting was great”, “interesting & amazing”, “what we studied in books, we performed it practically” were the students’ feedback comments. At the end of each session, students raised questions and were answered to their satisfaction.

The workshop ended with the award distribution ceremony for the participants, mentors and teachers by chief guest Mehmood Bajwa and principal ASAB Dr. Peter John.

Contributed by NUST Bioreach Society

High School Outreach Program



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