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14 November

Sir Frederick Banting. Source: nobelprize.org

Sir Frederick Banting.
Source: nobelprize.org

14 November is the day when NASA launched Apollo 12 in 1969, and Czechoslovakia became a republic after the World War I. Interestingly, this day is also the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting (which is deeply related to World Diabetes Day being celebrated on 14 November every year).

Sir Frederick Banting was the person who discovered insulin, and got the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this in 1923. As it happens, insulin is a very important chemical produced by the body that controls the sugar level in blood. People who make and use insulin properly do not have diabetes; hence, a malfunction in the utilization of this hormone is the direct cause of the disease.

This year, it happens to be the 23rd World Diabetes Day. The theme for the past 5 years (2009-2013) has been “Diabetes Education and Prevention“, keeping in view the rising number of diabetics. Let me just give you a bit of an idea – IF all the diabetics in the world were put together in one country, the country would be the third most populated one on Earth!

Source: International Diabetes Federation

Source: International Diabetes Federation

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